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JBDS-3795 and JBIDE-21820 - fix tools for service-manager 1.0.1

JBDS-3795 and JBIDE-21820 - additional fix for docker connection as found by fred

[JBIDE-22137] updated to openshift-restclient-java 4.0.3.Final

JBIDE-22131 Some commands in openshift ui plugin.xml miss definition (#1097)

[JBIDE-21991] remove 'Server Adapter...' menu from Routes context menu (#1087)

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

[JBIDE-22128] better detect EAP style deployments

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

JBIDE-22057 - fix to ensure a full publish occurs after restart

Ensure double publish does not occur during normal start


[JBIDE-22129] fix trying to reconnect when project is deleted

[JBIDE-22123] disable reset button when no parameter is selected

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

[JBIDE-22114] have a public setter #setDeployProject in model for the binding

[JBIDE-22111] removed stdout from log4j so that client log wont make it to Eclipse log

[JBIDE-22073] send proper flag when port forwarding

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

[JBIDE-22064] make sure available routes reflect the selected service

JBIDE-21965 - oc rsync triggered when adding/removing breakpoints

ignoring changes at folders level, only accepting addition/removal on


Signed-off-by: Xavier Coulon <xcoulon@redhat.com>

[JBIDE-21869] Fix encoding when retrieving logs

JBIDE-21994 - Cannot show OpenShift 3 application via live reload

The (fake) RootModule needs to return a (fake) IWebModule to

be able to retrieve load the adapter and get a proper context root

for the fake IModule

Signed-off-by: Xavier Coulon <xcoulon@redhat.com>

[JBIDE-22059] make sure route chooser "no route error" has a shell

JBIDE-22054 : disable profile mode

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

[JBIDE-22019] For JBIDE 4.3.1.CR1: Prepare for Final/GA

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

JBIDE-21981 - fix error during rsync


Fix issue requiring full publish if syncdown has failed

Dumb Error

JBIDE-22052 Host name input in OpenShift server adapter editor should be disabled

[JBIDE-21995] make sure we always have a host for the server adapter

JBIDE-22047 mark org.jboss.tools.openshift.cdk.feature as Tech Preview

[JBIDE-22030] Openshift REST client release 4.0.0.Final

[JBIDE-22033] Terminate remote debugger when stopping the server

also fixed server status in case an error occurs during startup

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

JBIDE-22032 Set common default width to buttons in dialogs that are more narrow than OK or Finish button

[JBIDE-21984] server adapter wizard: set project/service according to invocatoin

setting the project and the service in a different manner whether the wizard

was started from explorer or "new server adapter"-wizard

JBIDE-21942 - prevent NPE on adbinfo Also tries to fix some workflow issues when openshift cannot be reached after cdk is marked started by opening a dialog to let the user know the situation


Further cleanup to make use of our ssl certificate handler

JBIDE-21998 "Open in Web browser" displays a dialog to select a route

fixed erroneous assertion in UIUtils#setDefaultButtonWidth

[JBIDE-21992] centered "Replicas:" to the spinner in deploy docker image wizard