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JBIDE-22147 Temporally disable o.j.t.wtp.runtimes.tomcat.itests because of unavailable archive.apache.org

JBIDE-22078 - attempt to actually function on windows

JBIDE-22078 - moving stuff around to not break openshift


JBIDE-22016 bump up to use latest parent pom 4.3.1.Final-SNAPSHOT

Failing Unit Tests - nonexistant schema listed in plugin.xml

JBIDE-21949 - Allow user to turn on/off showing console when output changes

Changing the code to show the message console when it is created only,

then offering two methods to write lines in the shell and activate the

view or not (default is 'true').

Also, upgrading the project's execution environment to Java 1.7 to take

advantage of the 'try-with-resources' statement to make sure that the

outputstream is closed upon writting.

Signed-off-by: Xavier Coulon <xcoulon@redhat.com>

JBIDE-21934 - small change to make the wf state verifier extendable

JBIDE-21326 - changes to allow console writer to be usable by extending server adapters

Remove extension referencing removed ext.pt.

fix version error

JBIDE-21866 - liberalize some code and class structures to allow openshift to reuse

JBIDE-21782 - update test suite

JBIDE-21782 - eap 7 has changed manifest value for release-name

JBIDE-21768 - A Job must return a non-null Status

Compilation error not caught in eclipse UI regarding non-final local var used inside inner class

JBIDE-21717 Add schema for "urn:clustering:1.0" namespace to catalog

JBIDE-21709 Obstacle with editing user-defined connection

JBIDE-21677 - AS-7 branding with small icon, EAP branding with new Red Hat JBoss etc, and shadowman icon

Added as7 wizban, updated logic for runtime wizard which was missing

Updated image from Design team, fixed npe bug in runtime wizard

Switched to rounded transparant shadowman

JBIDE-19910 - add some widely used schema to the catalog

Script botched XMLSchema.dtd handling

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-21690 - Add missing files from wf10

  1. … 101 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-21629 - remove experimental tag for wf10

Oops - fixed

Update parent pom version

JBIDE-21460 NPE at Show In Web Browser for OpenShift server if connection is not connected

ServerExtendedProperties.getWelcomePageUrl() is mode to throw GetWelcomePageURLException

to show message in a warning dialog. Implementation may decide to log problem with stacktrace if

message in dialog is not sufficient.

JBIDE-21400 - solves a class-not-found exception when switching runtime type inside project properties

JBIDE-21470 - MessageBox changed to MessageDialog in ZombieProcessPrompter

JBIDE-21353 - track creation of all server adapters types in usage

JBIDE-21322 - fix wildfly icon to be 16x16 as expected.

JBIDE-21268 - updating root pom to 4.3.1.Beta2-SNAPSHOT

JBIDE-21138 - [REGRESSION] - Openshift experiencing getWelcomePage call in UI thread, leading to slow UI

JBIDE-21285 NPE when opening in editor a server that has no runtime.

JBIDE-21235 Incorrect updating Runtime Enfironment input in server editor

JBIDE-21199 - fix NPE when opening context menu to explore when a server has no runtime

JBIDE-21190 - update wildfly icons

Updated icon to remove server box in 16pixel