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JBIDE-22601 - fix regression causing error starting rse.mgmt profile server

Small error, no return

Wrong separator character

JBIDE-22513 - prevent NPE in launchbar

JBIDE-22512 - fix test failures for xml catalog tests

JBIDE-22483 For JBIDE 4.4.0.Final: Prepare for Final/GA [Server]

JBIDE-22508 - compilation error and move location for launchbar enablement setting

update jdt compiler settings

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-22466 - update wtp and as modules to use java8

  1. … 19 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-21059 - expand adding debugger to local servers run externally Refactor some internal classes Ensure attach-debugger setting is respected

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-22321: extract class collecting behaviour

JBIDE-22318 - cleanup, fix build error, revert api change

Add copyright header

Cleanup for PR comments

JBIDE-9442 - Add remote debugger launch when running server via rse

Fix bug where always using default port, never user-specified

JBIDE-22325 - Move job to disable all widgets into foundation, and allow astools to use it

Make warning bold, present 'all' modules in combo

Cleanup after further api change

JBDS-21785 empty PR to test PR builder. Do not apply

JBDS-21785 empty PR to test PR builder. Do not apply yet

More test fixes

More unit tests on windows

Further test updates for windows test suite

Attempt to fix other-OS test errors

JBIDE-22255 - 2nd server should have incremental number beginning with 2, not 1

JBIDE-18568 - create h2 / hsql db connection even when using new server workflow

JBIDE-17882 - ensure we verify server home directory exists before each start, stop, and publish for wildfly servers

JBIDE-20798 - clear up error messaging when deployment scanners cannot be discovered

JBIDE-22157 - per-module zip settings

Ensure exploded option works for top level module evenw hen default is zipped

Cleanup for tests

[JBIDE-22034] Replace Pin Console toggle tool item by Show Console Output When Standard Out Changes toggle item

- Consoles created are now typed

- New toolbar action is now added to those typed consoles

- The icon has been copied from Eclipse M2E

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

JBIDE-22078 - attempt to actually function on windows

JBIDE-22078 - moving stuff around to not break openshift


JBIDE-22227 - Ensure hotcode replace functions on local wildfly.

This will adjust the behavior of the 'restart module' option in the

hotcode replace dialog to not only republish the modules, but then

wait for the module publish to complete, remove breakpoints,

execute a garbage collection request, and then re-instate the


Special thanks to Thomas Maeder for the solution.

Failing Unit Tests - nonexistant schema listed in plugin.xml

[Failing Unit Tests] - Deleting dtd that don't belong here

JBIDE-21949 - Allow user to turn on/off showing console when output changes

Changing the code to show the message console when it is created only,

then offering two methods to write lines in the shell and activate the

view or not (default is 'true').

Also, upgrading the project's execution environment to Java 1.7 to take

advantage of the 'try-with-resources' statement to make sure that the

outputstream is closed upon writting.

Signed-off-by: Xavier Coulon <xcoulon@redhat.com>

JBIDE-21934 - small change to make the wf state verifier extendable

[No Jira] - Small change to a non-plugin class I use for managing xml schema.