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bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.1.Final-SNAPSHOT

JBIDE-22911 Exception below RenameMethodParticipant$RenameMethodSearcher.outOfSynch (thrown in Thread.getStackTrace) (#571)

JBIDE-22909 JavaModelException below FileSet.checkType (thrown in JavaElement.newNotPresentException) (#570)

JBIDE-22895 NullPointerException below WebUtils.getDefaultDeploymentDescriptorFolder (thrown in VirtualFolder.getFirstTaggedResource) (#569)

JBIDE-22446 use central.tpc.version = 4.60.0.Final-SNAPSHOT, so that enforcer rule passes for TP version 4.60.0.Final-SNAPSHOT; also, should have moved to 4.60.0.Final-SNAPSHOT instead of Alpha1 about 3 months ago... oops\! (#568)

JBIDE-22669 Do not alter setVisible method SelectionBar. Use setRealBarVisible instead

JBIDE-22564 For JBIDE 4.4.1.Alpha1: Prepare for 4.4.1.Alpha1 [JST]

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JBIDE-22489 For JBIDE 4.4.0.Final: Prepare for Final/GA [JST]

JBIDE-21171: Removing .project file from org.jboss.tools.jst.js

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JBIDE-21261 - Fix ECMA5 content assist JUnit test

Issue is fixed, ECMA6-check test case is added

Signed-off-by: Victor Rubezhny <vrubezhny@exadel.com>

JBIDE-21189 composite install jobs now depends on early access site

Make angular-eclipse deps optional to avoid error at install time

JBIDE-21180 Update tern.java and angular-eclipse to 1.1.0 release

Fix includes update to latest released tern.java

JBIDE-21171: Removing bower / npm / node plugins after migration to eclipse jsdt project

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JBIDE-21108 KB builder does not support cancel

JBIDE-21077: Escaping bower / npm path for Node.js launch

JBIDE-21047: Removing dependency to "org.jboss.tools.common"

JBIDE-21046: "Bower Install" launch shortcut implementation. Refactoring

JBIDE-20988: Removing unnecessary null check in the test for node64.exe

JBIDE-21001 Added angularjs plugins to angular.test plugin

JBIDE-21001 instead of updating Angular JS here AND ALSO in the Early Access TP, just update it in the TP and point to it directly.

JBIDE-20988: Adding test for node64.exe preference validation. Adding missing NON-NLS

JBIDE-20988: Fixing node preference validation for node64.exe

JBIDE-20969 NPE in BatchHyperlinkDetector.getBatchProject when Ctrl+Hover links in external files

Fix for JST errors no jenkins

JBIDE-20940 JST test errors on jenkins after recent commits

Since it is unknown when updateUI() is going to be called

there should be additional check for selectedViewer inside run method.

JBIDE-20842: Initial npm implementation

"npm Init" New wizard for package.json creation

"npm Update" & "npm Install" launch shortcuts

Initial SWTBot tests (org.jboss.tools.jst.js.node.test plugin)

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JBIDE-20932 Fix KeyBindingsTest errors on Mac OS X

Fix removes FIXME comment

JBIDE-20932 Fix KeyBindingsTest errors on Mac OS X

Fix check for OS and use appropriate key code for mac

JBIDE-20913 Knowledge Base validation preference is ingnored

JBIDE-20929: Fixing "Bower Update" shortcut (right-click on bower.json from editor)