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JBIDE-23035 - change name for wf10.1, add integration tests in mgmt

bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.1.Final-SNAPSHOT

JBIDE-23037 - astools being too greedy in runtime detection. Regression due to api changes in runtimes.core meant to improve efficiency

JBIDE-22880 - try to ensure that the requested widgets remain enabled

JBIDE-22741 - npe when trying to connect jmx to server with no runtime

JBIDE-22970 - changes to archives model require project and viewer refresh

JBIDE-15189 - implementation of quickfixing for runtime detection

JBIDE-22875 - use workbench window as parent shell when opening wizards

JBIDE-22008 - add a new management plugin for eap61+ and update wf jars to wf10

Fix the broken tests due to missing dep

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-22880 - deployed filter for deployment tab not updated

JBIDE-22873 - forgot to remove action from plugin xml

Botched commit two days ago, broke build

JBIDE-22663 - use filteredtree instead of common-navigator's query mechanism

JBIDE-22758 - remove duplicate remove module action from when wtp didn't have it

JBIDE-22772 download released EAP 7 server

JBIDE-22635 - Deprecate server log view and remove the action that loads the view

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JBIDE-22714 use 10.0.0.Final instead of 10.0.0.Beta2

JBIDE-21606 - change eap6.1+ to use java7 as default

Fix failing tests in build

JBIDE-22663 - Use New FilteredTree style

JBIDE-22648 - clean up API from Jeff Maury (#1)

JBIDE-22648 - Clean-up remote launches of wildfly / eap, which stick around in debug view

[JBIDE-22152] - Server Adapter, Debugging: Unknown launch is left in Debug view after deletion of an OS 3 server adapter

- Add fake process for non process launches

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

Allow stopping an externally managed server to disconnect from debugger.

Investigate failing XPathModelTest

JBIDE-22472 - improve UI to use combo for default, zipped, or unzipped options

JBIDE-22601 - fix regression causing error starting rse.mgmt profile server

Small error, no return

Wrong separator character

JBIDE-21638 - allow show in Web Browser action to work with deploy-only server

JBIDE-22578 - as.wtp.core missing .options file to advertise tracing flags

JBIDE-22578 - increasing logging during publishing operation