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#comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.2.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

more unix2dos

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unix2dos on more broken files

run unix2dos and chmod -x on these files to maybe make their line endings consistent and not busted on Windows?

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

JBIDE-18912 - log a warning if rse server is started, deploying to non-standard folder, without all necessary flags

JBIDE-23474 - tests fail todo

Junit test failures in jmx

JBIDE-22762 - ctrl+c on mac needs to check command+c instead

JBIDE-23429 - Jolokia support - initial implementation

Add get vs post as an option, since some cdk seems to require GET

Code cleanup and small changes to allow openshift to extend jolokia feature

MXBean solution not working for hotcode replace over openshift, switching to normal mbean invocation

Code cleanup

Leftover jboss remoting connection details

  1. … 19 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-23424 - operations tab of jmx editor missing information

JBIDE-23361 - small UI changes for module deployment tab

JBIDE-23397 - fix core / ui heirarchy and dependencies

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-23397 - fix core / ui heirarchy and dependencies

JBIDE-23361 - fix filter widget's height

JBIDE-13661 - [archives] swallowed exeption leads new jar action to fail

JBIDE-21065 - adjust to upstream api additions that will fix the jira issue

JBIDE-21065 - make sure profile page can respond to changes in properties via api

Empty shell windows appearing out of nowhere in JMX requesting credentians

NPE in WorkspaceChangeListener in project archives, doesn't account for empty Path with 0 segments

NPE in LocalServerModeDetails when a malformed runtime has no location

NPE in JvmTreeContentProvider (part of jvmmonitor)

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in AbstractJBoss7ModuleStateVerifier waiting for module redeployment after hotcode replace failure

NPE in JBossLT6ModuleStateVerifier part 2: Similar code elsewhere in class

NPE in JBossLT6ModuleStateVerifier

NPE in ConfigNameResolver [aeri]

JBIDE-23301 - NPE in xpath calculations, most likely in the case of a missing or deleted runtime

JBIDE-23297 - server asked to publish null module, avoid NPE, throw proper CoreException

JBIDE-23296 - LocalJBoss7ServerRuntime NPE if runtime has not yet been selected or is missing

Small change to if-statement in launchbar to avoid NPE

Small update to error log text if JBoss7Manager service cannot be found