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Enhance NodeJS Integration Tests - wait for nodejs process to be terminated (#1753)

OS3 application creation test fixes (#1752)

Isolate OS3 application wizard test classes (#1750)

Debug info added for JBIDE-23837. (#1747)

When JBIDE-23837 occurs again, screenshot with maximized

DockerExplorerView is captured and some more info is provided for easier


JBIDE-23321 Integration tests for OpenShift Node.js debugger (#1748)

Isolate *Project* test classes (#1746)

Isolate OS3 RemoveConnectionTest class (#1745)

Move OS3 cleanup from test class to suite afterclass (#1744)

#comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.3.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

DeleteProjectTest isolation (can be run as a single test now) (#1743)

Remove cdk.reddeer plugin. Has been moved to jbosstools-openshift repo. (#1742)

Remove reddeer plugins (jsf,maven,central). Have been moved to component repositories. (#1741)

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Wait for JQuery to be ready before executing any scripts. (#1739)

JSF editor is not supported on OSX.

[JBDS-5945] [JBDS-5767] Automated tests for websocket example projects and custom NameBinding annotation (#1733)

Creating and/or updating of smoke suites of CDK, JSF, Batch and Freemarker tests (#1740)

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Stabilize Deltaspike tests and suppress failing test "testInjectUnsupportedConfigProperty" as known issue JBIDE-13554. (#1735)

OSTestInFailure exception added. (#1736)

JBIDE-23671 Removes ws.reddeer. Has been moved to jbosstools-webservices/test-framework (#1737)

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CDK smoke test performance (#1730)

Use simple project in CreateApplicationFromTemplateTest (#1732)

CreateApplicationFromTemplateTest should now run in Jenkins. New simple

project is used instead of org.jboss.tools.openshift.ui.bot.test, which

was used before (.project file was not present)

JBIDE-23675 Removes openshift.reddeer plugin. Has been moved to jbosstools-openshift component repo. (#1734)

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JBIDE-23762 - Removes common.reddeer. Has been moved to jbosstools-base. (#1731)

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Removes archives reddeer extensions plugin and test plugin. Have been moved to jbosstools-server repo. (#1729)

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Removes as and runtime reddeer wrappers and test plugins / have been moved to component repo. see https://github.com/jbosstools/jbosstools-server and https://github.com/jbosstools/jbosstools-base (#1728)

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[JBIDE-23655] Reworked test for pulling image without tag (#1727)

JBQA-6163 Link Workspace Selection to Forge Runtime implementation (#1726)

[JBIDE-23659] fixed pod logs test (#1724)

Isolated OpenNewApplicationWizardTest and (#1720)


Job XML file validation test in source view tab (#1725)

- Added new test project with preconfigured job.xml files

- testing unique id of flow elements

- testing ref attribute with valid batch artifact

- testing class attribute of fully qualified exception

- testing batch property linking

- testing of validation of elements referenced on different levels

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#comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.3.AM2-SNAPSHOT #close