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switch to parent pom 4.4.4.Final

Remove tech preview label

[JBIDE-23473] new app wiz: load/validate local template upon "Next" (#1502)

* [JBIDE-23473] reformatted source for better readability

* [JBIDE-23473] new app wiz: load/validate local template upon "Next"

[JBIDE-24383] offer a signup link in conn wizard for OpenShift3 (#1497)

* [JBIDE-24383] cleanup warnings: add generics to bindings

* [JBIDE-24383] offer a signup link in conn wizard for OpenShift3

[JBIDE-24295] using openshift-restclient-java 5.6.0.Final (#1500)

[JBIDE-24415] displaying resource type as label in server editor (#1498)

* using a label to display the resource type (was: text field)

* displaying <namespace>/<resource> (was: resource)

* displaying "<not found>" if resource was not found (was: empty)

[JBIDE-24312] fix HumanReadableX509CertificateTest.shouldReportValidity (#1499)

* fix test to assert date independently of timezones

JBIDE-24241 - Server adapter not working when created from replication controller fallback (#1487)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

[JBIDE-24312] fixed parsing "issuer" for SSL certificates (#1481)

* [JBIDE-24312] fixed parsing "issuer" for SSL certificates

* [JBIDE-24312] cleanup code, formatting, commented code

* extracted HostCertificate from SSLCertificatesPreference into it's own

class in core (was called Item that lived as innerclass in ui)

* renamed X509CertificateParser to HumanReadableX509Certificate

* [JBIDE-24312] store and use the real ssl certificate (no surrog)

jbide-24322: rsync via tar strategy creates nested folders (#1496)

JBIDE-24382 ensure openshift depends on minimum version org.eclipse.linuxtools.docker.core;bundle-version= and m2e.feature (#1492)

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

JBIDE-24387 Implement cleanup for reddeer requirements (#1491)

JBIDE-24389 - Changed style for combos in New Connection wizard. (#1495)

JBIDE-24016 -ITests: Possibility to create server adapter from service (#1485)


JBIDE-24373 - Can't push an image to the CDK3 Docker registry (#1483)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

[JBIDE-24030] provide bundle name and vendor in built os.common.core (#1476)

jbide 23900 to 4.4.x: refactoring of openshift server adapter (#1474)

* jbide-23900: refactoring of openshift server adapter

* jbide-23900: fix sonar issues + tests

* jbide-23900: fix moduleDeployPath subsystem resolving

* JBIDE-23900: fix the build

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JBIDE-24323 - Set up docker registry when cdk 3 server adapter is started

[JBIDE-24295] disable enforcer until we release final client (#1486)

JBIDE-24306 - Use connection to determine host when no route is provided - remove outdated code that disables host in server editor

JBIDE-24335 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.4.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-24216 - part two, better editor behavior for validation

Improved performace of CDEServer operate method (#1472)

Extended cdk ui tests to accept cdkv3 nuances (#1466)

JBIDE-24276 - ensuring consistency between CDK3 UIs

[JBIDE-24242] display jenkins pipleline in app wizard and properties (#1467)

JBIDE-24275 - validation decorator in cdk3 wizard

JBIDE-24274 - fix text decorator's location

Fix broken unit test (#1471)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

JBIDE-24250 - OpenShift Explorer sometimes don't show the objects in Properties view (#1465)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>