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Add tech preview to wf11 server adapter

JBIDE-24430 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.4.Final #close

JBIDE-23784 - no_change publish should not publish in incremental mgmt publisher

JBIDE-23784 - fix deficiencies in wf11 incremental mgmt implementation

JBIDE-23869 - consume jolokia snapshot with our classcast fix

use base name when depending on snapshot libs for jolokia

Fixing classpath and manifest for updated wf11 jars

JBIDE-24233 - force connections for wf8 and above to use http-remoting protocol

JBIDE-24377 - fix broken build after incremental mgmt push

JBIDE-24336 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.4.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-21065 - stop setting host to localhost by default, let framework handle it

Clean code during investigation on FUSETOOLS-2361

- fix warning

- replace deprecated usage of SubProgressMonitor

- improved progress reporting accuracy

JBIDE-24288 Add pluginCustomization.ini to avoid VPE dialog during tests

Test deps on jetty

JBIDE-24228 - fix requirements of credentialing for wf11

JBIDE-24235 - missing jmx unit tests

JBIDE-24123 - fix undo for server editor combo selections, and redo for combo / text

Ignore Sonar rule of returning null for Boolean as it is done to test robustness

JBIDE-24226 - Provide same order in JMX Navigator for Jolokia than for RMI (default)

JBIDE-24138 - Implement QueryMBeans for JolokiaMBeanServerConnection

- created some tests

- fix issues in JolokiaMBeanServerConnection detected by these basic


-- support overloaded methods

-- support no attribute on Mbean

-- support no operation on Mbean

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Bad versioning in maintenance for wf11 plugin addition

Incorrect version from cherry-pick

JBIDE-24139 - Check accessibility of project before looking for Nature

it avoids to get out of the loop when a project is closed

JBIDE-23784 - Implement incremental deployment over mgmt api to wf11

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JBIDE-24137 - Ensure connections are initialized when accessing it

JBIDE-24006 - ensure some error gets logged if mgmt port is in use and server self-terminates

JBIDE-24128 bump parent pom version in as/pom.xml (#484)

Code Cleanup and Jolokia Test coverage - fix several Sonar error report - leverage Java 8 syntax - create specific Jolokia plugin test

Fix Jolokia Test Plugin

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JBIDE-23785 - wildfly 11 adapter, initial implementation

Add a new set of client jars for optimal functionality.

Changes to try to make wf11 service to be found... not working

Fixed missing classpath errors but substantially increases size

Make wf11 fully in the unit and integration tests

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Bump root pom so update site appears correct

JBIDE-22578 - heavy-handed abort if publish tries to delete workspace