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Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP11

JBPAPP-10417: changed os.name check to set and maintain a boolean
JBPAPP-10417: added URLEncoder.encode for MAC OS X env
Prepare for next release cycle
Prepare for tagging jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP10
[JBPAPP-10380]:Fix JBWS2526TestCase
Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP9

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Allowing SOA-P 5.3 version

[JBPAPP-8917] fix JDK7 compilation issues
[JBPAPP-7977] DOMWriter shouldn't flush the output stream after every element
[JBPAPP-7108] Caching default document builder factory to improve performances

support for EAP 5.2 as requested by our QA
[JBWS-3261] DOCTYPEs are not allowed by default - users can use JVM property -Dorg.jboss.ws.enable_doctype_decl=true to allow them
[JBPAPP-5052] backporting ThreadLocal aware WebServiceContext implementation
[JBPAPP-4704] configuring maven compiler plugin to use UTF-8 when compiling sources
[JBPAPP-4384] fixing EJB integration - to be lazy
[JBPAPP-3813]:Give more time to copy the process inputstream and error stream in JBossWSTest.executeCommand()
[JBPAPP-3813]:Fixed windows issues in common module
Use snapshots

[JBPAPP-3267] Also move common to junit 3.8.2

[JBPAPP-3577] Set disable external entity resolve

[JBPAPP-4162] Moving to jbossws-parent 1.0.6.GA

[JBPAPP-3571] JBossWS - Optimize EntityResolver setup in DOMUtils

[JBPAPP-3544] JBossWS - Optimize DocumentBuilderFactory creation using DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(String s, ClassLoader c)

[JBPAPP-3386] removing obsolete jboss.local.repository support
[JBPAPP-3303] Porting changes from trunk + adding SecurityActions utility class

[JBPAPP-3241] new Normalizer