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[BZ1025385]:Fix JBWS1807TestCase
Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging jbossws-shared-testsuite 4.1.3.Final

Merging rev 17627 shared-testsuite changes from upstream jbossws-cxf stack

Updating testcase for [JBWS-3653]

Adding info on how to merge stuff from shared testsuite in jbws-cxf upstream

Merging commit 17619 from jbossws-cxf stack upstream; do not set system properties on tests run concurrently! (that sys prop change is actually not even needed anymore)

[BZ-927881] Synch with upstream

[BZ927884] Synch with upstream

[BZ-927881]:Workaround to add more tries to get connection
[BZ927884]:Add more timeout value for the thread join
[BZ927558]:Workaround to fix the test failure only happens with IBM JDK6
Minor update to know what the exception is
Minor update:refactor the test to get the exception info
BZ 899644 - merge from trunk - svn merge -r 17388:17389 http://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossws/shared-testsuite/trunk/
BZ 927558 - added messages to assertions
Move to the next release cycle
[BZ-901281]:Remove the debug line in the previous commit
[BZ-901281]:Fix the test failur on IBM JDK
[BZ-921111] Backporting fix for adding few NPE checks on AppclientHelper to avoid hiding other exceptional conditions that led to premature undeploy..

Backporting commit 17304 (Fixing testcase as a consequence of AS7-6476 changes (missing-method-permission-deny-access default true)

[BZ-919005] backporting fix for JBWS-3606

Further changes related to AS7-6344 to fix binary distribution testsuite

[branch-maintenance] : copy for branch jbossws-shared-testsuite-4.1.x
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