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JBTM-2961 Temporarily disage lra cdi checker (fails on mac builds)

JBTM-2964 Updated readme with clearer notes on the invidual modules that can be built

JBTM-2963 Upgrade Artemis to 1.5.5.jbossorg-008

TEST CHANGE ONLY: Do not try to recreate the JDBCStore table each time for QA

JBTM-1732 sync to memory when a new STM proxy is created

[JBTM-2932] lra cdi checker add waiting a while to be sure weld container was stopped

TEST CHANGE ONLY: Do not try to recreate the JDBCStore table each time for QA

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Do not delete dbdrivers unnecessarily

[JBTM-2954] fix of status code on getStatus to be correct when lra is active - 204 is expected

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Moved script to run benchmark to performance repo

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Updated to use the latest JMH parameters

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Run the benchmark for 2 minutes

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Do not run openjdk orb tests for non-openjdk orb axis

TEST CHANGE ONLY: Do not wait so long for the process to die

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Change paratemers to check for regression

JBTM-2685 Provide a mechanism to detect if there is a locally running Subordinate transaction before asserting whether Xid is orphan

JBTM-2956 Added a simple pooling datasource wrapper

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Generate IDL files into expected location to allow build

moving api to lraclient

LRA classes renaming to comply PR#8 microprofile spec changes

[JBTM-2951] client providers are registered twice - by annotation and by descriptor - using only descriptors

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Increase amount of memory available to maven

[JBTM-2950] enhancing LRA logging

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[JBTM-2952] cdi rest checker do not require @Status on LRA

[JBTM-989] adding checkstyle for lra project

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[JBTM-2932] making cdi rest testcases more resilient with swarm startup timeout

JBTM-2685 JDK9 work

ENVIRONMENT CHANGE ONLY: updated to use narayanaci1 instead of tywin

JBTM-2685 JDK9 work

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Updated to 5.7.2.Final-SNAPSHOT

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