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fix the build script

Updated note about using the non-default AS_BRANCH so it appears in the log

fix the transitive dependency of java.corba.patch

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JBTM-2885 If an XAR returns an XAE in XAR::recover() it is possible that we would attempt a rollback thinking it was stale. In the case of exception we should just reset the scans

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: update to check the result of building the jboss-as test suits

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: fix to xargs-sed works on Linux, Cygwin and MacOS too

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: updated to clarify the required permissions

update to run qa tests with the jdk-9 in jacorb

[WFLY-8379] setAvailability of UserTransaction should be done in doPrivileged section as needed by wfly txn client

[JBTM-2879] printing stacktrace of exception on jts SynchronizationImple#before_completion

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: ignore an eap checkout

Moving to SPI 7.6.0.Final

7.6.0.Final contains ImportedTransaction interface with

definition of the methods implemented here

JBTM-2871 Fix STL compilation error on Fedora 25

[JBTM-2870] adding functionality of getDeferredThrowables to implementation of SubordinateTransaction/ImportedTransaction

update to make the cmr integration tests work with jdk-9

JBTM-2680 Add Compensations API docs

JBTM-2680 Add Compensations API docs

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[JBTM-2793] removing byteman being loaded by 'boot:' param

update to make the jacorb work with jdk9

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Revert "increase the jvm memory when building narayana"

This reverts commit 172c466ffc32afc86da476d4ff6a694f334ea7cd.

increase the jvm memory when building narayana

fix the cpp-plugin groupId and the typo in the

update to use jacorb

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[JBTM-2793] not creating already existing directory - will not show warning in log file

JBTM-2868 invoke getContextClassLoader within privileged block

update the javadoc plugin to add the --add-modules options

Updated version to 5.6.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated version to 5.6.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Need to use the old version on the server side

JBTM-2865 write to _work inside _workList lock