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Move code generators out of the shared package so the GWT compiler doesn't try to translate them to javascript

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.1' into jpa

data-binding: support chaining of bind calls

data-binding: minor refactorings

add additional CDI unit test

data-binding: refactored API, using private constructors and factory methods

refactoring: improved javadocs

data-binding: support auto discovery of default converters using @DefaultConverter

ERRAI-314 - Introduce a new mechanism in InitVotes to handle failures

refactoring: javadoc improvements

Factored out the popover to its own reusable bean; switched click handler to the new @EventHandler system

Added test for the errai-ui/databinding integration

clean up to client message bus's reconnection and error handling logic

JPA demo app: now cleaning up old store form from popup

JPA demo app: Now the list updates when you add a store

Changed the storage backend to check entities for value changes by comparing live JSONObjects rather than toStrings

This was necessary because sometimes the keys come out of JSONObject.toString() in a different order. I'm not sure

what causes this, or how to trigger it so unfortunately this new behaviour of WebStorageBackend is not protected

by a test.

data-binding: support the registration of overridable global default converters

refactoring: using guava to create an arraylist from a vararg/array

Merge branch '2.1' into jpa, to get latest errai-ui features

Add missing methods from codegen, and add more API shortcuts for common codegen operations.


- Add new "If" convenience class with common operations to reduce codegen API verbosity. - Fix Bool.instanceOf() of accept a Class/MetaClass as the second parameter.

Errai-UI supports Native DOM @EventHandler ( type) on data-field DOM elements that do not have references in Java. Also supports @EventHandler ( subtypes) on GWT Widget type and Native DOM element types that have @DataField binding references in the corresponding @Templated Composite component

add support to set application root in message bus

Wrapped native Element fields now reference actual field used in component.


data-binding: unbind now properly clearing converters

Reverted workaround now that MetaClass.isAssignableTo() is working properly

Updated JPA code generator to use new PrivateAccessUtil API