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FUSETOOLS-2255 - fix wrong camel facet selection when creating a SY project with Camel (#820)

* FUSETOOLS-2255 - added fallback for determining the camel version of a project

* another tweak to get the correct camel version

* applied suggested and tested fix from Brian

FUSETOOLS-2256 - Upgrade to 4.4.2.Final-SNAPSHOT (#816)

- removing no more used ide-version properties which was not allowing to

move to a Final version dueto enforcer rules

FUSETOOLS-2253 - fix NPE when selecting method in transform (#818)

* FUSETOOLS-2253 - fix NPE when selecting method in transform

* fixed problem with invalid generated source for "method"

* fixed initialization problem on subpanels of a language/expression

FUSETOOLS-2238 - reenable the debug launch tests for SpringBoot template

FUSETOOLS-2234 - allow Run as / Debug as Camel Context for SpringBoot… (#814)

* FUSETOOLS-2234 - allow Run as / Debug as Camel Context for SpringBoot project with Camel

* disabled test for springboot

* FUSETOOLS-2234 - add unit test for springboot goals

* removed the local launcher for m2e springboot:run

* fixed broken test

Updating launch for missing dependency (#815)

    • -2
    • +2
    /targetplatform/JBTIS Neon Mac OS.launch
FUSETOOLS-2252 - avoid touching pom at wrong time

re-enable test for FUSE 6.3.0.R1 too(FUSETOOLS-2251)

FUSETOOLS-2248 - Fix Camel version detection

it was using the toString on the Selection instead of using the content

of the selection itself

FUSETOOLS-2227 - Disable automated test with 6.3.0.R1

Automated tests are failing with this version. As it is failing only in

automated tests and cannot reproduce manually, I disable these these

tests to move forward

FUSETOOLS-2245 - improve javadoc

FUSETOOLS-2240 - Upgrade to JBTIS TP 4.4.1.CR2

due to limitations, cannot use anymore a local Target Platform, so

changed to use the .target file provided by JBTIS Target Platform as a

temporary - I hope - workaround.

FUSETOOLS-2188 - disable class properties buttons (#800)

FUSETOOLS-2245 - Improve test to really check for depdency added

- also use a lighter setup for the project in Integration tests which

should divide test execution time by 3.

FUSETOOLS-2239 FUSETOOLS-2237 mid-air collision

the way to calculate the AMQ version need to be updated as the latest

version is now a productized one

FUSETOOLS-2244 - Avoid exception when resource deleted

when a resource is deleted, the Validation Job can still be running. In

this case we can just ignore it, markers are removed by Eclipse system.

FUSETOOLS-2227 - Add support for FUSE 6.3.0.R1

- corresponds to Camel

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-2186 - add dependencies for languages and dataformats (#798)

* FUSETOOLS-2186 - add dep for dataformat

-- add dependency when dataformat is added in the global configuration


-- add dependency when dataformat is added through the property page,

such as with a marshal/unmarshal

-- add dependency when language is added through the property page, such

as with an enrich

-- still need to figure out how to test in the NewDataFormatWizardIT,

which seems to add the data format in a different manner than the

performFinish of the NewDataFormatWizard

-- addressed a few suggestions from Lars & Aurelien

-- addressed a new round of suggestions from Aurelien and tweaked the


-- fixed a typo in the test

-- added screen captures to tests

* cleaned up the test class

* fixes NPE

* added handling for path params of type data format and language

* cleanup

* renamed field

* additional cleanup

* removed code duplication

FUSETOOLS-1802 (#802) Respect "Skip All" breakpoints built-in Eclipse feature

Consider breakpoint manager enablement to enable/disable breakpoints individually

FUSETOOLS-2241 - removed obsolete tools modules (#804)

  1. … 28 more files in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-2239 - Use a RedHat FIS version of Camel

- remove 2.18.1 Community which has a blocker issue with Blueprint

(process killed after a short timeout)

- use FIS ER2

- don't rely on Fuse BOM when a pure FIS version is used

- ignore warnings for 2.18.1

- update template to align with correct dependency version

- use latest non-fis specific version in some tests


- ensure staging repositories are added when creating a new project

  1. … 49 more files in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-2239 - Clean code during investigation

- use genericity

FUSETOOLS-2228 - ignore parameters in Bundle-SymbolicName (#799)

FUSETOOLS-2237 - Support runtime providers on custom Palette entries

- API for the Custom PaletteEntry updated

- updated custom implementations: ActiveMQ and camel-dozer

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-2224 - improve handling of invalid xml syntax in editor (#790)

FUSETOOLS-2232 - Update year from 2016 to 2017

update only for copyrights for global elements:

- ranges on features

- range on extension points

FUSETOOLS-2231 - avoid NPE

FUSETOOLS-2154 - Configure Tooling to use the correct catalog

- palette and properties are now using the CamelModel corresponding to

the runtime provider (SpringBoot/Karaf) used in the project

- the runtime provider is determined by checking Maven dependency of the


- CamelComponentutils was caching Components ignoring the Camel version

in HashMap, now it is cached in WeakHashMap checking for Camel version

and Runtime Provider

- LanguageUtils was ignoring Camel version, now respect Camel version

and runtime provider (SpringBoot/Karaf) when we are in a

CamelFile/Project context, use the latest available version base don

Karaf for Workspace scope used for preferences

- provided a method to retrieve the corresponding CamelModel on a

CamelFile, it allows to be abstracted to IProject. It also allows to

test more easily

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-2154 - Clean code during investigation

FUSETOOLS-2153 - Provide pre-configured Launch Configurations

- one for launching locally

- one for deploying on OpenShift with mandatory java system properties