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Merge branch 'public_fileee_errai_fork__orignal_master' of into lazy-singleton

Run init callbacks immediately if registered after initialization.

Upgraded to jboss-integration-platform 6.0.0.CR11

Minor refactoring changes for default page redirect loop fix

Don't create a source writer when reusing cached rebind result

Fixed verbose logging of QualifierEqualityFactoryGenerator in prod. compiles

Added scope, modifiers and super type hash to class content hash

Fixed incorrect IOC cache validation check after refactoring

Changed skiplist to hashset in metaclass cache

Enhanced cache invalidation for all async generators

LazySingleton feature + fixes for some complex ioc cases

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Fixed infinite loop due to redirect with error on Default Page

Removed double scope annotation from the Grocery List demo

Refactored and improved performance of validator generator

Added logging to validator factory generator

Cleaned up log statements in QualifierEqualityFactoryGenerator

Always run security properties generator

Removed unused imports

Check if generator caching is enabled in marshaller gen.

Fixed verbose logging of marshaller gen. during production compile

Fixed deferred initial generation of marshaller after refresh

Log caching decision in AbstractAsyncGenerator on INFO level

Always use forward slash for URLs in translation service generator (fixes bug on windows).

Using incremental generator for individual marshallers

Added error handling and fixed NPE in translation service generator

Configured run target for demos to maintain compatibility with new URLs

Cache output of all async generators and reuse if no types hashCodes have changed (except MarshallersGenerator).

Don't push a type to cache that is already cached.

Validator gen. no longer fails for classpaths that contain no @Contraints

Add logging statement to IOCBoostrapGenerator for more fine-grained timing of BootstrapperImpl generation.