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fix jacoco path

Fix SonarQube test code coverage (#881)

fixed 27 blocker issues marked by Sonar (#879)

* fixed blocker issues marked by Sonar

* fixed logic error in JSON retrieval of a Component

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added jacoco profile (#878)

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FUSETOOLS-2310 - remove no more used debug log

FUSETOOLS-2308 - Update TP to 4.4.2.Final

FUSETOOLS-2304 - More precise search of Camel Editor

- it should avoid NPE as the editor is retrieved from FeatureProvider

currently in use instead of the "potentially active one"

- factorize code to retrieve PictogramElement from Context of the


- replace spaces by tabs

FUSETOOLS-2303 - check if project is open and exists

which is done by isAccessible()

FUSETOOLS-2301 - Avoid NPE if project not in Maven cache or not a Maven one

FUSETOOLS-2301 - Check for existence before retrieving for children

FUSETOOLS-2299 - avoid NPE when removing breakpoint while debugger is disconnected

FUSETOOLS-2298 - Avoid FileNotFoundException in CamelContext Browse dialog

FUSETOOLS-2297 - Add missing border for JMX Password field


- factorize ModifyListener which is just refreshign the whole


- remove unused attributes

- use same catch clause for exception logging the same thing

FUSETOOLS-2296 - Avoid NPE in CamelNotificationService

- check for editor non-nullity

- remove unused variable

- use genericity

FUSETOOLS-2292 - reinit section on set input

because the aboutToBeShown is not called in that case

FUSETOOLS-2276 - Be more robust against job interruption

FUSETOOLS-2276 - provide more information in case of failure

the goal is to better understand why it is failing sometimes on CI

FUSETOOLS-2292 - refresh property section when about to be shown

- fix desynchronization when switching between property sections

- slower navigation because the full section is recomputed

FUSETOOLS-2292 - Clean code during investigation

FUSETOOLS-2280 - Support char javatypes

no more bad data displayed and data loss but no user guidance (will need

to handle it in an enhancment request)

Remove EMF extension point which is not used anymore

Remove unused private internal class

Add dependency from class used in extension point

FUSETOOLS-2281 - Configure preferences to avoid same kind of regression

- configure preferences to report errors in case of missing resource

catalog defined in plugin.xml

- fix build.properties to avoid warnings

FUSETOOLS-2281 - Add missing xsd referenced

fix regression introduced by


Put 2.17.3 xsd as they are the latest supported by Jboss Fuse for


Put 2.18.1 xsd as they are the latest supported by FIS

FUSETOOLS-2268 - Upgrade parent pom to 4.4.3.Final

- it introduces a change in qualifiers, it is now using the latest git

commit date instead of the time the build occurred

- align the JBTIS version related to 4.4.3.Final

FUSETOOLS-2172 - Remove outdated warning log used for debugging on CI

FUSETOOLS-2287 - Call resume before Disabling debugger

it avoids that the debugger is no more available when resume is called

and a stack to be written in logs

FUSETOOLS-1938 - Highlight breakpoint only when the thread is suspended

FUSETOOLS-1938 - Clean code during investigation