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Merge pull request #3831 from fjuma/WFCORE-4501

[WFCORE-4501] Provide XML schema for credential-reference

Merge pull request #3750 from nekdozjam/WFCORE-3947

[WFCORE-3947] Support SSL Certificate revocation using OCSP

licenses - sorting

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remove licenses for org.wildfly.galleon-plugins

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add missing license for wildfly-event-logger

[WFCORE-4543] Don't assume it's safe to use the system log context. In the case of a CLI embedded server this could configure logging on the incorrect LogContext.

Merge pull request #3840 from fjuma/WFCORE-4546

[WFCORE-4546] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.10.0.CR2

[WFCORE-4546] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.10.0.CR2

Merge pull request #3836 from bstansberry/to_10

Next is 10.0.0.Beta1

Merge pull request #3837 from bstansberry/WFCORE-4544

[WFCORE-4544] Generate license info for deps newly added in WF Core 9

[WFCORE-4545] Add provided to dependencies added in WF Core 9

[WFCORE-4544] Don't exclude provided dependencies from license generation as most deps are provided

Minor housekeeping -- use the same URL for wildfly-event-logger license as is used for all the rest

Next is 10.0.0.Beta1

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Merge pull request #3801 from rhusar/WFCORE-4502

WFCORE-4502 Unify line-endings of bat scripts (regression against WF15)

Merge pull request #3784 from ropalka/WFCORE-4487

[WFCORE-4487] Migrate domain-management maven module to new MSC API

Merge pull request #3811 from jamezp/WFCORE-4517

[WFCORE-4517] Add back the --add-modules=java.se argument for modular…

Merge pull request #3823 from darranl/WFCORE-4362

[WFCORE-4362] Make the certificate authority used by a certificate-authority-account configurable

Merge pull request #3828 from jamezp/WFCORE-4533

[WFCORE-4533] Upgrade jboss-logmanager from 2.1.11.Final to 2.1.13.Final

Merge pull request #3832 from ropalka/WFCORE-4538

[WFCORE-4538] Disabling SSL & SASL failing tests for now on JDK13+

Merge pull request #3833 from ropalka/WFCORE-4539

[WFCORE-4539] Upgrade JBoss MSC to 1.4.8.Final

[WFCORE-4539] Upgrade JBoss MSC to 1.4.8.Final Incorporates: * [MSC-245] Proper fix for ServiceContainerImpl.registry is leaking memory resources

Merge pull request #3781 from ropalka/capabilities-msc-cleanup

Capabilities Deprecated MSC API Cleanup

Merge pull request #3829 from ropalka/WFCORE-4352

[WFCORE-4352] Enabling disabled tests since they started to pass on latest JDK13 ea b 25

Merge pull request #3827 from ropalka/WFCORE-4531

[WFCORE-4531] Eliminating WildFly naming workaround

Merge pull request #3826 from darranl/WFCORE-4498

[WFCORE-4498] Only obtain the Provider[] once and re-use it.

Merge pull request #3819 from yersan/bugs/WFCORE-4519

[WFCORE-4519] Fix content references management when a deployment is replaced

Merge pull request #3798 from tmiyargi/WFCORE-4440

[WFCORE-4440] Changes made via management operations in static-discovery are not reflec…

[WFCORE-4501] Provide XML schema for credential-reference

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[WFCORE-4362] Allow expressions for certificate authority's URL attributes