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decouple ruleunit + pluggable classloader (#2652)

* decouple ruleunit

* pluggable classloader

* create osgi bundle

* register dynamic component factory in osgi Activator

* fix osgi integration

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Kie pmml (#1758)

* DROOLS-2243 Make PMML visible in execution server

* DROOLS-2243 Fixed an error that was preventing the drools-pmml tests from passing

* DROOLS-2243

Changed the package name for the JAXB generated classes. This will remove an error that occurs in droolsjbpm-integration, which was due to the generated classes in kie-pmml being the same as those that are generated by drools-pmml.

* Add tests for PMML scorecards

testSimpleScorecard - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with simple predicates

testScorecardWithCompoundPredicate - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with compound predicates

testScorecardWithSimpleSetPredicate - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with simple set predicates

testScorecardWithSimpleSetPredicateWithSpaceValue - same as above but set contains value with space

testScorecardWithComplexPartialScore - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with complex partial score

* Add tests for PMML descision trees

Add tests for various types of scorecards evaluation strategies:

- noTrueChildStrategy, which defines what to do in situations where scoring cannot reach a leaf node

-- returnNullPrediction strategy - testReturnNullNoTrueChildPredictionStrategy()

-- returnLastPrediction strategy - testReturnLastNoTrueChildPredictionStrategy()

- missingValueStrategy, which defines a strategy for dealing with missing values:

-- lastPrediction strategy - testLastPredictionMissingValueStrategy()

-- nullPrediction strategy - testNullPredictionMissingValueStrategy()

-- defaultChild strategy - testDefaultChildMissingValueStrategy()

-- weightedConfidence - testWeightedConfidenceMissingValueStrategy()

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PMML Update with Rule Units (#1684)

* Begin changeover to using RuleUnit mechanism

* Begin changeover to using RuleUnit mechanism

* PMML using RuleUnit mechanism for managing the invocation of rules, especially with regards to the mining model

* Changes made in anticipation of merging/rebasing master

* Fixed missing import statement

* new test for accumulate

* Catching up

* Several fixes including...

* Updated DefaultAgenda with MarkP's fix for determining when an agenda has finished

* Updates to the DecisionTreeTest to start making use of the rule unit's

* Updates to rule templates to fix problems caused by dialect "mvel" issue and work around for dynamic salience issue

* Updates to fix more of the tests

* Fixed code that provides dump of generated resources

* Fixed scorecard tests

* Removed duplicate test case from RuleUnitTest

* Improving tree model

* Updated to add the ability to retrieve a FactHandle, from a CursoredDataSource, based on an object

* More attempts to get DecisionTree tests fully functioning

* Updates for mining model

* Updates in an effort to make mining model tests pass

* KIE-PMML using RuleUnits

Rule generation now takes into account the rule units and data sources

Compatibility with drools-pmml is maintained via the use of versioning in the PMMLCompiler.

The PMMLCompiler is selected via property in the kie.conf file.

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avoid split packages in new kie-pmml module (#1637)

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