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Dyn. validation: Add support for constraint violation messages

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Dyn. validation: Add missing type aliases for Number subtypes

- This is to ensure that constraint validators for numbers

can be used for all type of numbers e.g. MaxValidatorForNumber

should work for Long, Double, Integer, BigDecimal, etc.

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ERRAI-975: Remove temporary client-side replacements of Optional, Function, Supplier, etc.

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Cleanup and fixes based on FindBugs analysis

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Filter out mvel NullType when generating dynamic validator.

Write generated source to correct package folders in .errai dir.

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Support validation of values by individual constraints.

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Add missing license headers and update copyright notice in existing headers.

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Revert "Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header."

Changes from the reverted commit did not preserve original copyright dates.

This reverts commit d8e735dfe2f6ed25fe9e06b753ae2f6154d76b02.

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Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header.

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Fixed ERRAI-839: Class-level validation now works independently.

Add class types that are annotated with validation annotations to the set of

validatable beans in the GwtValidatorGenerator.

Test for proper validation of types annotated with class-level annotations

that do not contain any field-level validation annotations.

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Move Validator log statement so that it is only printed when the validator is being generated.

Refactored and improved performance of validator generator

Added logging to validator factory generator

Validator gen. no longer fails for classpaths that contain no @Contraints

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Use Predicate to filter file paths when scanning in GwtValidationGenerator.

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Improved fix for ERRAI-745 to work with all collection types

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Only run validator generator when needed (it triggers heavy reflection scanning)

Fix and regression test for ERRAI-672

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Fix and tests for ERRAI-624.

Validation scanner uses list in (like the IOC black-

and whitelists).

The behaviour of built-in scanners in errai reflections can now easily

be overridden.

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errai-validation: also scan methods for @Valid and @Constraints

errai-validation: now discovers beans that use @Valid but no other @Constraints

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refactoring: removed API package (bean validator doesn't need tbe exposed as API, the standard javax.validation.Validator can be used)"

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errai-validation: bindable type aware validators can now also be retrieved using the standard factory in addition to injection

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Added missing license headers

The files I've created in my last 2 pull requests were missing the license headers.

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Added generation of the GWT Validator factory.

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Added GWT-friendly validator for email addresses

ERRAI-448: Initial work on a new errai-validation module

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