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GTNPORTAL-3586: Fix typo in configuration to ensure user site gets removed on user deletion

BZ 1205327 - Changed picketlink dependencies.

GTNPORTAL-3581 IDM Pool become full due to hibernate session leak

GTNPORTAL-3578 Add missing io dependency into fileupload module

Update the copyright interval to 2009-2015

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Upgrade PicketLink IDM to 1.4.6.Final

GTNPORTAL-3576 - Updated PortletBridge to 3.3.3.Final

Updated GateIn SSO

GTNPORTAL-3573 Provide a dedicated error message for NoSuchPortletException

GTNPORTAL-3572: Add missing exception handling

GTNPORTAL-3560 - Changed the way the cache-control is sanitized.

GTNPORTAL-2838 User's search box take so long time to display

GTNPORTAL-3544 JGroups and Infinispan adjustments for performance in GateIn 3.9

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GTNPORTAL-3558 OrganizationService request lifecycle is not called properly

GTNPORTAL-3557 Error while handling request: PortalRequestHandler

GTNPORTAL-3556 Should not log ClientAbortException when user cancel request

GTNPORTAL-3554 Don't need to cache gadget list in UIGadgetManagement

GTNPORTAL-3550 Hibernate session leak with idm

GTNPORTAL-3539: Do not recover IDM transaction if exception occurs during a search

GTNPORTAL-3543 - Updated gatein-sso to and picketlink.

GTNPORTAL-3540 Number of items per page index is too short

GTNPORTAL-3538 Fix warnings during maven build

GTNPORTAL-3530 User with special UTF-8 character in display name appears not correctly in GateIn using MS SQL Server 2008

GTNPORTAL-3536 Localization of tooltip and confirmation button when enable/disable user is not correct

GTNPORTAL-3534 GateIn build is broken because of test failures

Remove an unused resource bundle key

GTNPORTAL-3535 Can not upload filename containing special character

GTNPORTAL-3517 Cannot start Gatein Portal with MySQL in UTF-8

GTNPORTAL-3533 Support loading custom validator in system properties if no file

GTNPORTAL-3532 Typo in portlet access permissions - "setted" instead of "set"