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HHH-13226 Log a warning in case of inconsistent configuration properties

HHH-13226 Avoid changing existing changelog and complete the backwards compatibility work

HHH-13303 Fix formatting and add proper logger guard

HHH-13495 Deprecate singleton access to NationalizedTypeMappings

HHH-13495 Do not use BoundedConcurrentHashMap for NationalizedTypeMappings

HHH-13494 Deprecate singleton access in favour of static helpers

HHH-13494 LobTypeMappings should not use a Bounded ConcurrentHashmap

HHH-13496 Some missing 'final' modifiers on constants

HHH-13496 Formula using unsafe concurrent initialization of its unique identifier

HHH-13496 Dubious putIfAbsent usages

HHH-13496 Shouldn't use the String constructor

HHH-13496 Excessive relyiance on auto-boxing

HHH-13496 Loop optimisations

HHH-13496 Do not use toString on arrays when formatting error messages

HHH-13496 Map sizing optimisations

HHH-13496 Remove redundant cases of throws

HHH-13496 Pre-compile and reuse regular expressions

HHH-13496 Constants not declared static

HHH-13496 Prefer #addAll method usage rather than looping

HHH-13496 Empty string processing

HHH-13496 Declare single char strings as chars

HHH-13496 Keyset iteration optimisations on Session opening properties

HHH-13496 Refactor entrySet iterators

HHH-13496 Review string appending styles

HHH-13496 Prefer singletonList when possible

HHH-13496 Extract repeated block from loop

HHH-13496 Make inner classes 'static' when possible

HHH-13496 Removing duplicates from constant Set declarations

HHH-13496 Remove unused collection from EntityMetamodel

HHH-13496 Remove unused map of Property Names from AbstractCollectionPersister