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HHH-14097 fix bug that redundant SQLs might be issued for 'FETCH' entity graph

HHH-14096 Transform the XMLHelper copy for Envers into a private internal utility

HHH-14096 Adapt the Hibernate Envers module to use its private copy of XMLHelper

HHH-14096 Moving the XMLHelper from ORM core into testsuite helpers

HHH-14096 Remove unused import for deprecated type XmlDocument and dom4j

HHH-14098 Query plan cache query-level statistics Documentation, used getQueryPlanCacheMissCount instead of getPlanCompilationTotalMicroseconds

HHH-14083 add task release must run after addVersionCommit task

HHH-14083 add ciRelease dependency to bintray upload

HHH-14083 Fix issue with git command

Add changeLogFile task

HHH-14077 PostgreSQL, skip testLiteralProjectionAndGroupBy (PostgreSQL does not support literals in group by statement)

HHH-14081 CompositeIdFkGeneratedValueIdentityTest and CompositeIdFkGeneratedValueTest failures on Oracle db

HHH-14077 : CVE-2019-14900 SQL injection issue using JPA Criteria API

HHH-14077 : Added test case

HHH-14075 : Changes to loaders and TwoPhaseLoad to allow "internal" loading to be reused by hibernate-reactive

HHH-14059 Cannot use full qualified enum name which has two uppercase alphabet prefix

Enable automatic Maven Central sync when calling task bintrayPublish

Copied from https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-reactive/pull/246

Note you need to call the bintrayPublish task after calling

bintrayUpload, otherwise it won't work.

So you will need to use something like this:


Move the update to version.properties to a release task

This is necessary if we want to check that the working tree is empty as

part of the release process (see next commit).

Push to github atomically and only if the release succeeds

Add more precondition checks to release tasks

Use a less verbose syntax for git commands

Fix incorrect message for the second commit during release

Fix error detection in executeGitCommand

1. proc.consumeProcessErrorStream does not work correctly: it creates a

thread to asynchronously copy the content of the stream to the string

buffer, and does not provide any way to know when it's done. As a

result, sometimes the buffer is correctly filled in after

consumeProcessErrorStream returns, sometimes it's not.

2. Checking stderr to know if there was an error is not a good idea: a

process can run just fine and give output on stderr (logs,

basically), and a process can fail without giving any output on

stderr. Checking the status code is more reliable.

Revert "HHH-14022 Oracle-Dialect does not find Sequences outside User-Schema"

This reverts commit ca0ae9bfad7865dfcb5ec25ec686331516cbc624.

HHH-14046 Allow customizing the type of SessionFactory by changing the initial ServiceInitiator list

HHH-14049 AbstractEntityPersister make three private methods protected for use in Hibernate Reactive

HHH-14048 Expose lazy property fetching to Hibernate reactive

HHH-14047 Expose some methods of EntityManagerFactoryBuilderImpl to extensions

HHH-14044 : Extract code from Loader into protected methods

HHH-14047 Allow customization of the StandardServiceRegistryBuilder by extending the EntityManagerFactoryBuilderImpl