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OGM-1574 Update MongoDB embedded maven plugin to 0.4.1

It removes an exception at build time.

OGM-1573 Upgrade Neo4j from 3.4.10 to 3.4.11

IndexEntryConflictException replaces UniquePropertyValueValidationException

for Neo4j Embedded.

OGM-1572 Update Java Mongo Driver 3.9.1 => 3.11.2

In version 3.10 the JSON output of the library did change,

see https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/JAVA-3085.

Adjust tests to correspond to the new JSON output format.

OGM-1567 Add build profile to support JDK >= 11

In JDK 9, some APIs got declared as deprecated, including javax.xml.bind.

From version 11 onwards, these APIs got removed from the JDK.

Utilization requires an explicit dependency declaration.

OGM-1565 Upgrade Jackson dependency from 2.9.5 to 2.10.1

OGM-1432 Add db.dropDatabase() to MongoDB dialect

OGM-1563 Use HTTPS in settings-example.xml

OGM-1563 Remove redhat-earlyaccess-repository from settings-example.xml

It shouldn't be required.

OGM-1562 Update WildFly provision plugin to 1.2.11

OGM-1543 Group by clause implementation for MongoDB

OGM-1558 Upgrade to checkstyle 8.18

OGM-1558 Upgrade to maven-checkstyle-plugin 3.0.0

OGM-1551 Test queries on embedded id using @Column(name)

Check that it doesn't throw StringOutOfBoundException anymore

OGM-1551 Avoid exception when @Column is used on an embedded id

Overriding the column name on an embedded id used to cause a


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[Jenkins release job] Preparing release 5.4.1.Final

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[Jenkins release job] changelog.txt updated by release build 5.4.1.Final

[Jenkins release job] README.md updated by release build 5.4.1.Final

OGM-1550 Upgrade MongoDB java driver to version 3.9.1

OGM-1549 Upgrade Neo4j java driver to version 1.7.2

OGM-1548 Upgrade to Neo4j 3.4.10

OGM-1542 Support distinct on entity

Example: SELECT(DISTINCT a) FROM Author a

OGM-1542 Add some comments

OGM-1542 Add test case for select disitnct on entity

Example: SELECT(DISTINCT a) FROM Author a

OGM-1542 Distinct count tests

OGM-1523 Update documentation to configure WildFly 14

OGM-1523 Use WildFly 14 default Hibernate Search and ORM

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OGM-1544 Parboiled parser thread safe use

OGM-1542 Distinct count implementation

OGM-1538 Put back reference to @OrderBy in the documentation