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next version 10.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 10.0.0.Beta4

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Attach sources jar to component-annotations

Fix Jenkinsfile-release

ISPN-10395 add version for protocol-parser-generator

ISPN-10395 Fix missing version for ispn-cli

ISPN-10152 Rest counter admin

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ISPN-10370 Add removal note

ISPN-10396 Added doc

ISPN-10397 CacheStoreFactoryRegistry incorrect synchronization

Use CopyOnWriteArrayList

ISPN-10398 updating CLI attribute references

ISPN-10395 Remove GAV from infinispan-bom and distribution pom








ISPN-10396 Obtain cache size via REST

ISPN-10393 Don't "require" socket-bindings when they are really optional

ISPN-10382 changing clustered mode to domain mode for clarity

ISPN-10392 Support cache creation with template via REST

ISPN-10396 Refactor: create one test per resource

ISPN-10400 REST authn/authz in ServerNG

* Use Elytron HTTP Authentication mechanisms

* Support BASIC and DIGEST

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ISPN-10388 Improve REST authentication performance

* Separate authentication to an optional handler

* Cache authenticated Subject on the channel

* Add authentication configuration to the REST server module

* Remove VoidAuthenticator

ISPN-1390 Removing Non-Working Examples from Getting Started

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ISPN-10389 Clean up the test HTTP client

* Add proper configuration

* Refactor the package names for future promotion to a public module

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ISPN-8736 Use an executor and avoid reusing HttpResponses

ISPN-9772 REST API v2 documentation edits

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ISPN-9772 Cache v2 Resource

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ISPN-10246 Commit latest proto.lock files for each .Final release

ISPN-10384 Migrate infinispan-protocol-parser-generator-maven-plugin to maven-plugins repository

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ISPN-10382 health query for clusters

ISPN-10383 Align org.jboss.weld to 2.3.4.Final

ISPN-10381 anchors to resolve issue with generated docs

ISPN-10380 QueryKnownClasses throws NotSerializableException