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ISPN-11554 Off-heap state transfer resets timestamps

* Preserve the timestamps in OffHeapEntryFactoryImpl

* Delete deprecated OffHeapEntryFactory.create overload

* Pull up the storageType parameter in MultipleCacheManagersTest

* Use the inherited lockingMode in ExceptionEvictionTest

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ISPN-11564 UnsupportedOperationException while putting attribute into HTTP Session

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ISPN-11239 - Fix SecureRemoteCacheAdminTest

ISPN-11239 Create caches with default template name

ISPN-10270 Fix DropppedConnectionsTest random failures

* Let RetryOnFailureOperation's error handling logic handle inactive channels


* Refactor test to allow repeated invocations

ISPN-11257 Indexed queries should automatically be broadcasted when needed

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ISPN-11446 Always set a default request MediaType for caches

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ISPN-7819 update putAll docs

ISPN-11241 Some review comments

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ISPN-11341 Detect client and server segment mismatch and fallback to tracking only keys

ISPN-11341 Reproducer

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ISPN-11366 Remove Deprecated ConsistentHash methods

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ISPN-11249 Unexpected functionality added by Java8 default interface methods

ISPN-11370 Server Test Driver

* Refactors the server tests into two additional modules `testdriver` and `tests`

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ISPN-11370 Move some classes/methods to commons-test

* Move TestResourceTracker

* Move Exceptions, ThrowableSupplier and ExceptionRunnable

* Move some methods from TestingUtil

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ISPN-11302 Add infinispan.client.hotrod.context-initializers property

ISPN-11241 Deprecate Indexing mode

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ISPN-11283 Only run the epoll availability test on Linux

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ISPN-11278 Deprecate SiteConfiguration

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ISPN-11129 High Availability for non-shared indexes on DIST caches

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ISPN-11206 Remove Lucene and Hibernate queries from the public API

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ISPN-11226 Set the cache manager in the task context for distributed tasks

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ISPN-11174 Add global and cache-level enable flag for microprofile metrics

* rename ApplicationMetricsRegistry to InfinispanMetricsRegistry

* rename JMXStatisticsConfiguration to StatisticsConfiguration

* rename ConfigurationBuilder.jmxStatistics() to statistics()

* add an enable flag for global JMX config and separate the flag from CacheContainerConfiguration.statistics

* fix several 'configuration' test names

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ISPN 11166 SocketTimeoutFailureRetryTest random failures

Avoid repl get optimization to hit the DelayInterceptor

ISPN-11188 Deprecate ClientEvents.mkCachefailoverEvent

ISPN-10369 InvalidatedNearCacheTest random failures

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ISPN-11140 RemoteCache w/near cache throws InstanceAlreadyExistsException following restart

ISPN-11132 Reproducer

ISPN-11132 Data not indexed during state transfer in server mode

* move creation of ProtobufValueWrapperSearchWorkCreator to cacheStarting event

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ISPN-8060 Remove indexed entity autodetection

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