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ISPN-12316 Convert expiration to no longer use transactions

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ISPN-11802 Create SPI for Cross-Site Replication conflict resolution

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ISPN-12148 Hibernate-cache NullPointerException in CacheMgmtInterceptor

* Skip statistics update if the command failed

and it had flag FAIL_SILENTLY

* Throw exception on lock timeout for operations with flag

ZERO_LOCK_ACQUISITION_TIMEOUT, do not throw exception


* Translate meta-param LockingMode.TRY_LOCK to flags


* Explicitly use flag FAIL_SILENTLY for


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ISPN-12147 NonStrictAccessDelegate ignores cache exceptions

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ISPN-11333 Remove deprecated RpcManager methods

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ISPN-11174 Add global and cache-level enable flag for microprofile metrics

* rename ApplicationMetricsRegistry to InfinispanMetricsRegistry

* rename JMXStatisticsConfiguration to StatisticsConfiguration

* rename ConfigurationBuilder.jmxStatistics() to statistics()

* add an enable flag for global JMX config and separate the flag from CacheContainerConfiguration.statistics

* fix several 'configuration' test names

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ISPN-10362 Unify command initialization and invocation

Deprecate and remove usages of CommandsFactory::initializeReplicableCommand

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ISPN-10591 Require JBossUserMarshaller to be explicitly configured

Automatically loading JBossUserMarshaller when

`infinispan-jboss-marshalling` is on the classpath is too restrictive,

because it means we can't cater for situations where we want

jboss-marshalling to be available, say for transcoding legacy clients, but we still

want a protostream user marshaller.

GlobalMarshaller no longer loads ExternalJbossMarshaller and

JBossMarshaller if on cp. This only changes the behaviour of nested

object lookups when utilisng Serialization, however loading these

implementations would no longer be possible when the GlobalMarshaller

becomes protostream based anyway.

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ISPN-10770 Add generics to InvocationStage methods

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ISPN-10317 Non-blocking PendingLockManager

* Add PendingLockPromise.toInvocationStage() and use it in the locking


* Deprecate PendingLockManager blocking methods

* Remove PendingTxAction and LockAction

* Do not wait for pending transactions on already locked keys

* Only record keys as locked if lock acquisition succeeded

* Release acquired locks if LockManager.lockAll() partially succeeds

* Remove backup locks in lock interceptor before waiting for

pending transactions (but not when replaying a prepare)

* Small logging changes

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ISPN-10322 Remove hibernate CacheCommandInitializer in favour of InitializableCommand

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ISPN-10302 Support XInclude in the configuration parser

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ISPN-10267 Use thenApply() to avoid having to rethrow exceptions

ISPN-8219 Remove configuration options deprecated in 9.0

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ISPN-10229 Ignore returns from other nodes and return stats

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ISPN-10137 Add missing @Scope and @SurvivesRestarts

* @Scope is required on each component class, except when inherited

from superclass (interfaces don't count)

* @SurvivesRestarts must be duplicated on all subclasses

or implementing classes

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ISPN-10137 Add @MBean in classes with @MBeanAttribute

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ISPN-10282 Fix declarative configuration inheritance issues

* Don't turn async templates to sync

* Don't make child templates into concrete configurations

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ISPN-10029 Fix hibernate-cache tests

* Handle commit commands in TxInvalidationInterceptor

* Don't send commit commands if we didn't send a prepare first

* Document invalidation locking changes

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ISPN-10137 Make injected fields and methods package-private

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ISPN-7889 Introduce OutdatedTopologyException.RETRY_SAME_TOPOLOGY


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ISPN-8320 Fix bad html tags in javadocs caused by < > around author email addresses

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ISPN-9615 Move command perform logic into CallInterceptor directly

* All VisitableCommand logic is no in CallInterceptor

* DistributedExecuteCommand is now no longer Visitable

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ISPN-9127 Component registry

Introduce BasicComponentRegistry, which handles dependency injection but

doesn't have any logic specific to caches or managers.

Each component has its own lifecycle status, and starting a component

also starts its dependencies. Components can start in parallel.

ComponentRegistry and GlobalComponentRegistry still need to maintain

their own lifecycle status, but it is now possible to start a cache

before all the global components have finished starting.

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ISPN-9305 Add method EntryLookup.forEachValue()

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ISPN-9305 NullPointerException in cache.size() after cache.containsKey()

* Replace InvocationContext.getLookedUpEntries() with

forEachLookedUpEntry(BiConsumer) and lookedUpEntriesCount(),

giving access to the key even for entries wrapped as NullCacheEntry

* Exclude null entries from distributed streams

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ISPN-9242 Address refactorings brought up in segmented data container review

* Making all DataContainer instances segmented

* Update all references internally to use SegmentedDataContainer


* CommandFactory require segment for commands

* Rename SegmentedDataContainer to InternalDataContainer

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ISPN-8836 Custom region definition causes ISPN000453

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ISPN-9174 Qualify region names in v53.InfinispanRegionFactory

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ISPN-7682 DistributionManager's cache topology updated in wrong order

Use DistributionManager's CacheTopology everywhere

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