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ISPN-2689 Moved the lucene-directory (Lucene 3) into lucene subdir

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ISPN-2680 Lucene Directory shall not depend on Hibernate Search

ISPN-2534 Some tests are not picked up by Surefire

Rename tests not ending in Test and add @Test annotation with the

appropriate group to base test classes.

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ISPN-2325 Fix the JMX domain conflict failing tests

* Convert tests to using test cache manager factory.

* Solve issues related to cache managers not being closed.

* Create alternative cache manager factories for CDI and Spring tests.

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Fixed compilation issues introduced with ISPN-1669

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ISPN-2290 Fix cache MBean leak when cache statistics disabled

* Make tests more resilient to failures.

* Make sure all cache managers are created via the factory.

* Use withCacheManager() where possible to provide better guarantees

that cache manager will be closed properly.

* Added a test for the cache MBean registration leak.

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ISPN-2276 exception in case of disabled invocation batching contains cache name

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ISPN-2164 Added IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES to handle unneeded return values

Replaced usages of both SKIP_REMOTE_LOOKUP and SKIP_CACHE_LOAD with

this new flag.

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ISPN-2210 Rework configuration and builders for loaders - Distinguish between loaders and stores - extract interfaces from abstract classes to ease extensibility

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ISPN-2057 Allow storage of Lucene indexes in an indexed cache

ISPN-2112 Wait for 10 seconds for views to be installed

* Some of the methods were just waiting for 1 second for the cluster

view to be installed, which in CI environments could be too short.

10 seconds should do fine for all except in individual cases.

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ISPN-2097 - Tear down methods should run even if the test method failed

By default TestNG doesn't run methods annotated with `@AfterMethod`/`@AfterTest`/`@AfterClass` if the test method failed.

This means we have to write `alwaysRun=true` explicitly, or the method won't run after a failure and it may leave cache managers lying around.

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Minor test improvement

ISPN-2084 Dependency preparations for performance tests: add test helpers from Hibernate Search

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ISPN-2084 Have the common key types accept a consistent visitor

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Introduce a common interface for scoped keys

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ISPN-2084 Use an existing Lucene index directly as a CacheLoader source

ISPN-2051 Use Logger to throw IllegalArgumentException

ISPN-2051 Track bufferSize in ChunkCacheKey instances

ISPN-2049 Verify all Externalizer are assigned to their respective types as expected

ISPN-2049 Externalizers disabled in Lucene Directory module

ISPN-1924 Switch internals to use new Configuration

* Changed L1 configuration enabled default to false

* Removed activated flags from configuration objects

* Removed some configuration validation that was too brittle

* Provided backward compatible solutions for CommandInterceptor

and ModuleLifecycle implementors.

* Added Configurations class with helper methods for computing

several configuration parts centrally.

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ISPN-2031 Disable recovery logs in tests of Lucene Directory

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Improvements to Lucene Directory performance tests

ISPN-2024 Remove batching requirement for Lucene Directory

ISPN-2002 Reduce autoboxing operations

fixed compilation issue

javadoc typo

ISPN-2002 Avoid some deprecated methods from Lucene

ISPN-2002 IndexWriter.optimize is deprecated