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ISPN-12098 JDBC String Base Cache Store (sybase160) trying to create an index when already exist


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ISPN-11975 RemoteCacheImpl entry retrieval should be non blocking

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ISPN-11937 JDBCStringBasedStore needs test around a rollback occurring

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ISPN-10373 Store/Loader Non blocking SPI

* Rework batch to allow for atomic write and remove

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ISPN-2634 Implement cross-site replication based on IRAC

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ISPN-11611 Add internal metadata to persistence

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ISPN-11685 Update to RxJava 3.0

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ISPN-10373 Store/Loader Non blocking SPI

* Added in new SPI

* PersistenceManagerImpl utilizes only new SPI

* Add in adapter for old SPI to new without changes

* DummyInMemoryStore converted to new SPI

* Async store converted to new SPI

* Added in BaseNonBlockingStore to be used by stores

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ISPN-11504 update docs with segment column name for jdbc cache stores

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ISPN-11465 Upgrade to JGroups 4.2.1.Final

* Update the Infinispan and JGroups schema versions

in the XML configurations

* Switch to FD_ALL3 in the test JGroups stacks

* Keep using FD_ALL in the default stacks

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ISPN-11464 Make possible to override table manipulation configuration from AbstractStringBasedCacheStore

ISPN-11451 Add postgresqlplus to TableManagerFactory#guessDialect

ISPN-11435 DefaultCacheManager should start all defined caches

HotRodServer tries to pre-start all defined caches,

but this should happen everywhere, not just in the server.

Caches are started on a single thread, to avoid overloading

the blocking thread pool.

Applications/tests that want to start caches individually

have to define the caches after starting the DefaultCacheManager.

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ISPN-11433 - DB2TableManager is missing segmentColumnName parameter

ISPN-11367 getCache(name) should never use the default cache's configuration

* Change tests to define the default cache only when necessary.

* Change TestCacheManagerFactory to define the default cache only when


* Change default cache name to "defaultcache".

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ISPN-11377 Change default flow control back to UFC/MFC

Increase max_credits to 4MB to compensate for the queue.

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ISPN-11370 Move some classes/methods to commons-test

* Move TestResourceTracker

* Move Exceptions, ThrowableSupplier and ExceptionRunnable

* Move some methods from TestingUtil

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ISPN-11004 SQL server exception purging data

ISPN-1103 Remove deprecated Persistence SPI methods and interfaces

- Remove SegmentedAdvancedLoadWriteStore default methods

- Remove redundant StreamingMarshallerBridge

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ISPN-10881 Deprecate allowDuplicateDomains

* Change the default to false

* Set explicit domain names in all the tests that enable statistics

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ISPN-10870 Rename schemas and update configurations for 10.1

* Update namespace names

* Add 10.1 test configuration

* Update schema URLs to

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ISPN-10814 Large Objects may not be used in auto-commit mode

Changed fields visibilty to make possible wrap this test into jdg-functional-test project

ISPN-10809 Cache with empty persistence configuration not rendered in JSON

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ISPN-10790 JDBCTableManipulation config is not validated

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ISPN-10778 Change stores to be segmented by default

* Convert DummyInMemoryStore to be segmented

ISPN-10780 A shared store should not allow purge on startup

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ISPN-10744 Remove deprecated DataContainer methods

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ISPN-10558 ServerNG add database rules

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