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ISPN-4516 Added Spring 4 support

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ISPN-4543 Formatting

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ISPN-4252 Change jboss-marshalling dependecy to jboss-marhalling-osgi

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ISPN-4116 Upgrade Apache Avro to 1.7.5, and so converge the dependency usage

Also improve our implementation a bit by using the new Factory static helpers

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Undo lost comments and CDATA sections from POM introduced by maven-release-plugin during 6.0.1 release

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Change version to 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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'Release Script: update versions for 6.0.2-SNAPSHOT'

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'Release Script: update versions for 6.0.1-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-3185 License and copyright header update

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changed release number on master to 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Modified versions in pom.xml files to 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISPN-2326 c3p0 not part of the release

* c3p0 dependency was ignored by maven assembly plugin because this dependency is referenced by multiple modules, in multiple scopes (including test scope). The processing order of modules (and their dependencies) becomes important because only the first one is considered, so if that happens to have 'test' scope it won't make it into the distro. This is a consequence of a broader issue/limitation that is already documented in the plugin user guide and to overcome it we should avoid multiple moduleSets (not doable). The current solution consists of adding a FIRST moduleSet that aggregates all jar deps in 'proper' order and removing dependency processing from existing moduleSets.

* Made some trivial changes in bin.xml assembly to reduce the amount of text differences to all.xml (bin.xml is a subset of all.xml and any irrelevant differences should go away to simplify maintaining them in parallel)

* Force dependency resolution for commons-codec and commons-collections to use a global common version (otherwise they would diverge)

* Remove some duplicated dependencies in spring/pom.xml and cli-server/pom.xml.

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ISPN-2611 Drop rhq-pluginAnnotations and rhq-pluginGen ISPN-2745 Add missing operations and parameter names/descriptions

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ISPN-2325 Fix the JMX domain conflict failing tests

* Convert tests to using test cache manager factory.

* Solve issues related to cache managers not being closed.

* Create alternative cache manager factories for CDI and Spring tests.

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ISPN-1845: move all dependency information to parent pom to simplify maintenance and productization

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Update version to 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT

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Revert "Merge branch 't_1798_test_5.1.x' of https://github.com/maniksurtani/infinispan"

This reverts commit 43a34f11bc815e6bd01c0040289b3ded15be494f, reversing

changes made to 577ea319e21c42cedbfb91d009b62c99c62e699e.

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Prepare for a 5.1.1 series

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'Release Script: update versions for 5.1.0.FINAL'

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Upgrade to Spring 3.1.0.RELEASE

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ISPN-1560: Unsplit api and commons packages back into core

Unsplit artifacts from api / commons back into core

Leave the BasicCache and BasicCacheContainer changes that were

introduced but place them in org.infinispan.api

Move the org.infinispan.util.hash.* classes to the new package

org.infinispan.commons.hash.* package

Re-enable OSGi bundles

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Disable OSGi bundles because of a bug in the felix maven-bundle-plugin which incorporates classes in case of split packages

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ISPN-1509 Restore pom packaging settings to help Gradle builds

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ISPN-1473 Move RHQ provided dependency up to parent pom

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ISPN-1468: Upgrade to Spring 3.1.0.RC1

- replace DefaultValueWrapper with ValueWrapperImpl (class renamed in Spring)

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ISPN 1377, ISPN-1420: Upgrade to Spring 3.1.0.M2 & fix ConfigurationOverride to match Infinispan 5.1

- abide by Spring 3.1 M2 Cache/CacheManager interfaces

- replaced evictionWakeUpInterval with expirationWakeUpInterval (non-backwards compatible)

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Update master to 5.1.0 Brahma

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JBoss Logging dep exclusion and stick to a maven bundle plugin version

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ISPN-1254 Wrong OSGi packaging for Spring integration module

ISPN-1164 Remove unnecessary hardcoded maven repositories in POM files

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