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ISPN-3458 Move the HotRod target migrator to the remotecachestore - Also drop the upgrade-tools module as its become useless now

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ISPN-3276 Migrate the CacheLoader API to use org.infinispan.configuration

ISPN-3343 Write up CacheLoaderConfiguration and corresponding Builder for Lucene module

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ISPN-3185 License and copyright header update

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ISPN-3260 Split common API and classes into infinispan-commons

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changed release number on master to 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISPN-3058 Warn about errors while migrating keys

ISPN-761 Cache.keySet(),entrySet(),values(),size() ignore contents of cache loader

* Added support for entrySet, keySet, values and size to include passivated entries

* Added test cases for each method

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ISPN-2281 Add compatibility mode for REST and Memcached

* Added compatibility mode XML and programmatic configuration.

* Added REST and Memcached compatibility tests with Embedded

and Hot Rod.

* Add flags to signal operations original in server endpoints,

in particular Hot Rod and Memcached, which allows selecting

the correct type converter according to each server endpoint


* Created type converter implementations for Hot Rod, Memcached

and Embedded modes. REST server does not really need it since

it alredy does a lot of type conversion based on content type.

* Enhance type converter interface to allow hooking operation

origins with their corresponding type converter instance, and

enable marshaller to be set in order to help interoperability

between endpoints.

* Fix metadata override bug

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ISPN-3078 @AfterMethod/alwaysRun and alike are not used correctly

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ISPN-2281 Hot Rod uses raw values with Cache taking versions

* AdvancedCache adds a couple of new methods that take metadata

as parameter. This can be used by users to provide version, and

also for server implementations to add their own metadata (i.e.

REST servers and MIME data).

* The implementation of these methods is temporary and is bound

to change in order to feed the metadata object all the way to

the cache entry.

* There's an initial stab at the compatibility testing with

initial focus on Embedded and Hot Rod server. Tests here are not

yet working.

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ISPN-2281 Hot Rod uses byte[] as raw key type instead of ByteArrayKey

* Added EquivalentHashSet and EquivalentHashMap collections to support

byte[] key types in invocation contexts.

* Refactored ConcurrentMapFactory to a CollectionFactory that can

create not only concurrent maps, but maps and sets, based on

equivalence configuration.

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ISPN-2914 Some tests are not picked up by Surefire - part2

* Some tests are renamed according to Maven Conventions.

* The test names in @Test annotation are fixed according to TestNameVerifier class.

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Modified versions in pom.xml files to 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISPN-2606 Implement UpgradeSynchronizer as MBean

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ISPN-2346 Create a RollingUpgradeSynchronizer to move data from an old cluster to a new one

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