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Merge pull request #11838 from mackaypeter/WFLY-9884

[WFLY-9884] Add test coverage for WeldResourceInjectionServices concurrency issues.

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[WFLY-9749] Remove legacy batch extension. Moved the wildfly-batch-jberet as a direct child of the wildfly-parent.

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[WFLY-9613] Reduce lambda usage (batch)

Merge pull request #9040 from bstansberry/movelines

Move code into the if block where its needed.

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[WFLY-9190] Comment out unused logger methods

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[WFLY-9176] Don't do a recursive readResourceFromRoot to inspect the names of children

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[WFLY-9108] Correctly register the org.wildfly.batch.job.repository capability.

[WFLY-3424] Correctly implement the ArtifactFactory to work better with CDI.

[WFLY-8942] Setup the correct context for @RequestScope beans.

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[WFCORE-8784] Defer the MSC work to Stage.RUNTIME

[WFLY-8499] Eliminating usage of deprecated methods that used MSC optional dependencies

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[WFLY-8340] Do not require an authorization check for the anonymous user when attempting recreate the user to restart batch jobs.

[WFLY-8101] Add access constraints to attributes referencing Elytron capabilities and to the two application-security-domain resources.

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[WFLY-8058] Add the attribute definition to the write handler to ensure the correct values get resolved.

[WFLY-7915] Do not modify the jobNames map when attempting to supply a map for a missing entry.

Merge pull request #9206 from iweiss/WFLY-2640

[WFLY-2640] Unable to add cached-connection-manager after removing it once

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[WFLY-7858] Use the same order for the security-domain element in the produced configuration file and the persisted configuration file as used in the schema.

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Cast Supplier lambda to compile against older JDK versions with a generics bug,

[WFLY-6390] Add batch permissions and checks.

[WFLY-6390] Add support for restarting jobs after a suspend/resume with the user that originally started the job.

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[WFLY-7755] Upgrade from JBeret 1.2.1.Final to 1.2.2.Final. Add new integrations to work with the updated SPI. Limit deployments to only be allowed to interact with jobs that are visible from the deployment.

Removed the wildfly-jberet module. This will no longer be required as part of the upgrade to use the JobOperatorSelector.

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[WFLY-6390] Add Elytron support to the batch subsystem. Added a new default-security-domain attribute. Use the SecurityDomain to get the identity to run batch jobs as.

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[WFLY-6390] Schema and version bump. Updated the parser and some tests to support version bumps.

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[WFLY-7570] Use the runtime-name from the deployment to determine the correct service name for the the job operator service.

[WFLY-4988] Expand visibility of job XML files for WAR's and EJB's. This allows sub-deployments visibility to each others job XML files as well as global EAR libraries.

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Merge pull request #8419 from jmesnil/WFLY-5621_messaging_xsd_cleanup

[WFLY-5621] Cleanup messaging XSD schemas

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Merge pull request #8860 from jmesnil/WFLY-5522_artemis_journal_module

[WFLY-5522] Split Artemis journal module

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[WFLY-7300]: OperationHandlers that register DeploymentProcessor should do it only on boot.

Extending AbstractBoottimeAddStepHandler instead of AbstractAddStepHandler.

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WFLY-7221 Fix issue with earlier fix where control point would end up being null

WFLY-7221 Batch registers control point before setting up batch environment

[WFLY-7000] Attempt to load services for all deployments regardless of the existence of the batch-jobs directory in a deployment.