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adding web & full feature packs and server provisioning

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[WLFY-509] JMS 2.0 API support

* update maven GAV for JMS API to:


* exclude the JMS 1.1 spec artifact from dependencies

* exclude temporarily the JMS 1.1 spec artifact from

org.hornetq:hornetq-jms-server and org.hornetq:hornetq-jms-client

depedencies until HornetQ supports JMS 2.0

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Initial HTTP upgrade support for management operations

This commit adds support for multiplexing the remoting protocol over

the HTTP management port, removing the need for two seperate management


Port 9999 is now no longer present in the default config, and the

management client will attempt to connect via a HTTP upgrade by


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AS7-6561 Implemented support for EJB 3.2's TimerService#getAllTimers() API

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Updated the Readme.txt of the jboss-client shipped in JBOSS_HOME/bin/client

The Readme.txt in JBOSS_HOME/bin/client was missing the mention of org.jboss:jboss-ejb-client library. Updated the file to include it.

AS7-5149 Create shaded jar for CLI and jconsole

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