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WFLY-12858 Eliminate redundant buffer allocation/copying when marshalling CommandDispatcher commands/responses

WFLY-12601 Remove use of StabilityMonitor in ServiceLifecycle

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Eliminate some lambdas.

WFLY-6008 Ensure CacheRegistry listener notifications are contextual.

Consolidate executor service shutdown.

WFLY-6008 Ensure CacheServiceProviderRegistry listener notifications are contextual.

Consolidate executor service shutdown. Eliminate some lambdas.

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WFLY-6008 Ensure CacheGroup listener notifications are contextual.

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Consolidate executor service shutdown. Eliminate some lambdas.

WFLY-6008 Ensure CommandDispatcher command execution and GroupListener notifications are contextual.

WFLY-12414 Merged/Killed member handling in CacheRegistry triggers intermittent failures during server startup

WFLY-12314 Fix inadvertent inverse tautology in local command dispatching assertion

WFLY-11890 Upgrade JGroups to 4.1.1.Final

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WFLY-12022 Concurrent singleton service installation can cause service to run simultaneously on 2 members.

WFLY-11984 ChannelCommandDispatcherFactory does not notify any GroupListener

Refactor org.wildfly.clustering.infinispan.spi.function package -> org.wildfly.clustering.cache.function, for reuse by hotrod-based modules.

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WFLY-11395 Use synchronous command execution for local dispatcher

Merge pull request #11838 from mackaypeter/WFLY-9884

[WFLY-9884] Add test coverage for WeldResourceInjectionServices concurrency issues.

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WFLY-11240 Optimize ServiceProviderRegistry cache operations

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WFLY-10464 ChannelCommandDispatcher's RequestCorellator bypasses stack configuration including encryption

Manifests as: ERROR [org.jgroups.protocols.ASYM_ENCRYPT] (thread-9,ejb,perf18) perf18: received message without encrypt header from perf21; dropping it

WFLY-7234 Ability to identify primary singleton provider member

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WFLY-11098 Add facility for singleton election events.

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Merge pull request #10851 from JiriOndrusek/WFLY-9762

[WFLY-9762] JMS message is not received when using a non-transactiona…

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WFLY-10917 Implement ServiceRequest.get() and join() using implicit timeout. Otherwise, these methods block forever if message is dropped by receiver.

Use shared RequestOptions instance instead of creating per execution.

Specify CommandDispatcher timeout as a Duration.

WFLY-10736 Increase retry intervals for startup cache operations up to lock acquisition timeout.

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WFLY-10907 Services providing legacy singleton policy capabilities must be installed using legacy MSC API.

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WFLY-10814 When using async dispatching, don't propagate RejectedExecutionException to command response - reply with NoSuchService instead.

WFLY-10840 CacheServiceProviderRegistry#INVOKER interval is too large (500 seconds)