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WFLY-12505 Remove unnecessary module dependencies in clustering modules

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WFLY-9544 Reduce memory footprint of wildfly-clustering-marshalling-spi by reducing object allocations for common clustering externalizers. Enumerate common externalizer instances, instead of loading new instances per cache container and per deployment. Drop separate class definitions for externalizer classes with just a constructor.

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[WFLY-7988] Update all modules to reference the 'elytron-private' module.

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WFLY-7118 Inefficient marshalling of common session attribute types

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Add wildfly-clustering-marshalling-spi module for marshalling abstractions. Extract Marshallability interface from MarshallingContext.

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WFLY-6705 Namespaces / schema versions of module.xml are out of sync

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WFLY-5091 User supplied externalizers are ignored by web/ejb clustering code

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