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WFLY-10025 Use new org.jboss.modules.ClassTransformer interface in addition to j.l.i.ClassFileTransformer

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WFLY-10413 State errors during fetching JPA Statistics should not be fatal

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[WFLY-10520] Transform classes to replace deprecated API method call (with changes from Gail Badner, Guillaume Smet, Martin Simka, Scott Marlow)

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[WFLY-9663] MODULE attachment cannot be null anymore (after OSGi removal)

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[WFLY-9190] Comment out unused logger methods

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Updated EJB client integration: Fixes to start bringing Transactions, EJB, and Discovery together

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WFLY-6127 Throw IllegalStateException (instead of EJBException) if JTA tx has an unsynchronized persistence context and the target is synchronized persistence context

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WFLY-459 javassist should be exported to JPA/Hibernate (native) applications

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WFLY-5478 allow custom scoped persistence unit name hint ( in persistence unit definition.

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WFLY-4923 closing of container managed persistence context should guard against background threads that are also using the persistence context

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WFLY-4956 Automatically enable Hibernate Search in deployments and allow override properties

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WFLY-4658 merge jipijapa source into WildFly and remove Hibernate 3 integration (no longer needed in WildFly)

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[WFLY-4563] Remove JPA static logger with same category as the ROOT_LOGGER.

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