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Merge pull request #11827 from yersan/subtask-WFLY-5966/WFLY-11318

[WFLY-11318] Validate requirement for modules previously exported by javax.ejb.api on

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[WFLY-6143] Additional test cases

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[JBJCA-1389] - NullPointerException raised when calling isWrapperFor(...) on a closed connection - add test

(cherry picked from commit 184850291946837a38252f9b7817315a15ead629)

[WFLY-12294] Upgrade MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.1

* Update org.eclipse.microprofile-metrics to 2.0.1

* Update smallrye-metrics to io.smallrye-metrics-2.0:1.1.0

(both Maven A and V have changed)

* add dependency (in test scope) that

is required to run the Metrics REST TCK

* Fix integration tests due to specifitions changes in Prometheus

conversion (and HTTP status errors)

* update base metrics to comply with Metrics 2.0 specification

* add microprofile-metrics TCK (both API & REST) to the integration



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Added Second Level Cache Tests (WFLY-12310)

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WFLY-12362 integration test for WFCORE-3670 'module defined with an alias in jboss-deployment-structure.xml with fails to parse when annotations=true'

[WFLY-12236] Turn off the INFO Artemis audit logging.

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[WFLY-12216] Log WARN if application specifies @RunAsPrincipal and not @RunAs

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[WFLY-12172] Add ejb-xa-recovery file permissions for EJB client tests.

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WFLY-12161 Adding test case

[WFLY-6143] ServerInterceptorsTestCase: grant necessary permissions

WFLY-12071: add testcase

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

[WFLY-6143] Clean and improve bean/module deployments, add AroundTimeout test and ScheduleBean class

[WFLY-12108] Use a timeout utility instead of a sleep. Also remove the predicate test as it doesn't work well with possible race conditions in the test itself.

[WFLY-6143] Add test case for configuring server-side interceptors for the applications without changing the deployments

WFLY-12086 Hibernate 2lc should be enabled if Hibernate cache properties are enabled and shared cache mode is not set to NONE

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WFLY-12032 EJB subsystem doesn't set TCCL when deserializing request

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[WFLY-12054] Intermittent failures in WebsocketApplicationScopedTestCase

[WFLY-11031] Add a console-access-log resource which allows web access logging to stdout in structured JSON format.

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[WFLY-12050] Don't try to get metrics from a UndertowDeploymentService whose ServiceController is not UP

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[WFLY-12039][JBEAP-16818] adding TCCL setup/reset to the null context handle

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[WFLY-10798] Test cases for Datasource classes using correct TCCL

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[JBEAP-16664][WFLY-10808] - test local-receiver-pass-by-value(or said issues)

[WFLY-10351] BMT interceptor cleanup

adding tests for timeout issue the XAResource setTransactionTimeout:

Once set, this timeout value is effective until setTransactionTimeout

is invoked again with a different value.

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WFLY-11870 Do not process resource annotations on abstract classes or interfaces that do not have concrete subclasses

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[WFLY-11672] @ApplicationScoped does not work when used with @ServerEndpoint

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[WFLY-11915] Test case for passing a remote EJB Exception by reference (WFLY-11866)

WFLY-11891 Add tests that enable JPA entity class bytecode enhancment