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Remove dummy test plugin (#1869)

Signed-off-by: Rastislav Wagner <>

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JBIDE-23959 bump to 4.4.100-SNAPSHOT in master; also fix broken deps to*reddeer plugins

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>

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Move to 4.4.3. (#1722)

Versions of all poms changed from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3.

Bundle-Version of all plugins changed.

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Update RedDeer dependencies in files of integration tests plugins and tests (#1709)

Replacing of multiple Reddeer package in required-bundle with unified package org.jboss.redder.go

Restriction of the range of used version to 1.2.0 included up to 2.0.0 excluded

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Move to 4.4.2.AM1-SNAPSHOT and upversion plugins (#1606)

In addition, I also changed all test manifests

to include ranges for .reddeer plugins: [4.4.2,4.5.0)

I used this command:

find . -iname MANIFEST.MF -ipath '*/META-INF/M*'|xargs perl -pi -e 's/\[4.4.1,4.5.0\)/[4.4.2,4.5.0)/'

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JBIDE-22556 Move to 4.4.1.Alpha1 and upversion plugins (#1532)

In addition, I also changed all test manifests

to include ranges for .reddeer plugins: [4.4.1,4.5.0)

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Update version to 4.4.0-SNAPSHOT

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Added check for blank screenshot in dummy test

Dummy test captures screenhost during its processing

Reflects removed deprecated code from RedDeer

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Removing of .settings .project .classpath

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Update version to 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT and point to new parent

Now that JBT 4.2.0.Final is released, we need to move to

the new version.

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Fixes changes in RedDeer API version 0.7.0

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Unify the use of swtbot.test.skip

The property swtbot.test.skip is set in the jbt parent pom.

in the past most, but not all, tests used it to configure

<skip> for tycho-surefire-plugin. Now I moved this config to

tests/pom.xml so that it's consistently used everywhere.

At the same time, I changed maven-download-plugin definitions

to download-maven-plugin where applicable - this is the new artifactID.

And I set up the skip there as well. Same for maven-dependency-plugin.

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Dummy job changed to use RedDeer API instead of SWTBot

Changed keyboard to Red Deer keyboard

Another fix for mac: Add java 1.8 to condition + direct call to MacSpecifics.

This should finally make the dummy test work on all macs again.

First, it adds a new condition so that the awt.toolkit property

is set correctly for both java 1.7 and 1.8 on mac.

Also, this commit adds a direct call to MacSpecifics from within

the dummy test (which does not use RequirementAwareSuite).

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Simplify dummy bot test

The dummy bot test used RequirementAwareSuite which is not necessary

- the aim of this test is to check if a simple bot test will work

so it should be as simple as possible. Now the test suite uses


JBIDE-16161 Temporary fix for missing equinox.event plugin

When running swt bot tests on Mac, the workbench fails to load.

This is because org.eclipse.equinox.event is no longer in the chain

of dependencies. So the temporary solution is to add it ourselves.

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Version update for 4.2.0

Parent has been updated to 4.2.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT and all plugins

to 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT. Also, the ranges for bot ext version in all

manifests has been updated from [4.1.0,4.2.0) to [4.2.0,4.3.0).

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fix all files to list correct provider and set bundleshape: jar, bundlelocalization: plugin (JBIDE-16018)

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JBIDE-13859 Fix deps on to restrict version

I noticed that many of our test jobs use wrong version of bot ext from local

maven repo. This is because we weren't scrict about the required version.

I fixed this in all tests' manifests.

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JBIDE-13770 Update integration-tests plugin versions to 4.1 in master

This is something that we should have done when master became JBT 4.1.x.

So let's at least do it now. Right now most test plugins are version

4.0.0-SNAPSHOT in both master and jbosstools-4.0.x branch.

I verified that everything can be built.

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JBIDE-13088 - jdt dependency added to dummy pom.xml because of OSX issue

JBIDE-13088 - Dummy test suite changed to RequirementAwareSuite

JBQA-7293 Add maven debug profile to parent pom and clean it up from tests poms

This is a second attempt. I finally put the debug profile in jbosstools-build/parent/pom.xml and so now I'm removing it from everywhere else again. The use of ${additionalSystemProperties} is no longer needed. To use the debug profile simply add -P debug to your maven call.

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JBQA-7293 Add maven debug profile to parent pom and clean it up from tests poms

I added the debug profile to tests/pom.xml which is the common ancestor for all tests.

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Change plugin version to 4.0.0.

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Added root pom, tests pom and modified all tests poms to have proper dependencies

  1. … 26 more files in changeset. remove unnecessary chunk of configuration -- now building on 6 platforms in parent pom so don't need to state the same thing in other tests'/plugins' poms

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