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Add Turkish Language File (#5678)

* Add Turkish Language File

* Resolve typo

* Resolve typo

* Capital letters corrections.

[KEYCLOAK-8694] - Mark Drools policy as tech preview

KEYCLOAK-8619 Fix check-sso when there is no cookie

Update (#5677)

* Update

Updated it to latest keys.

* Update

KEYCLOAK-7421 Support SAML cluster logout for Elytron SAML adapter

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    • +8

fixed a typo in the readme.

KEYCLOAK-8770 add keycloak-wildfly-adduser dependency to base testsuite

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    • +4
KEYCLOAK-8528 Change getRelativePath to include the servlet path followed by the path info

[KEYCLOAK-8646] - Error deleting policies when admin events are enabled

KEYCLOAK-8604: Figure out how forms will be handled

Run adapter tests in different group in Travis

KEYCLOAK-7166 Added the possibility of not logging out of remote idp on browser logout, by passing a query param containing the id of the identity provider

Update CD release version

[KEYCLOAK-7798] - Spring security adapter does not renew expired tokens

[KEYCLOAK-8716] - Issue with caching resolved roles in KeycloakSession

KEYCLOAK-8250: Save not disabled properly in token settings

KEYCLOAK-8708: Provide aggregation of group attributes for mappers

KEYCLOAK-8541: Upgrade AngularJS to 1.6.10

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KEYCLOAK-8670 remove support for migration.mode=import as there are separate tests

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KEYCLOAK-8631 skip AddUserTest on app-server-undertow

KEYCLOAK-8673 Disable maven-plugin-plugin helpmojo

It's suddenly started breaking the build, not obvious why. Disabling it is the

easiest solution. It's not required for these plugins that are only needed to

serve the keycloak build itself.

KEYCLOAK-4342 Make naming consistent

KEYCLOAK-4342 PR comments

KEYCLOAK-8664 KEYCLOAK-8665 KEYCLOAK-8666 fix assertions in testsuite

KEYCLOAK-8484 Remove audience client scope template

KEYCLOAK-8654 Update licenses

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[KEYCLOAK-8489] - RPT request: Authorized Party's protocol mappers are being applied instead of the Audience's ones

KEYCLOAK-8175 Possibility of clientScope not being used if user doesn't have a role

[KEYCLOAK-8172] - Evaluation not considering scopes inherited from parent resources

KEYCLOAK-7700: Add realm broken when page width < 992px