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Updates the Travis build status link

Updates the Travis build status link

MODE-2612 Updates the version of JGit and the logic of the GitConnectorTest to pre-fetch expected tags and branches

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Merge pull request #1572 from rhauch/mode-2599

MODE-2599 Added Travis-CI build

Updates the release notes for 5.1.0.Final.

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MODE-2599 Added Travis-CI build.

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MODE-2597 Updates some old (LGPL) licenses

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Updated the README file

Modified the text to be a bit more explicit about the contributor expectations, since we no longer require a contributor license agreement (CLA).

MODE-2081 Changed the license for ModeShape code to ASL 2.0.

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Changed version to 3.7-SNAPSHOT

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MODE-1849 - Corrected readme file.

MODE-1849 - Updated kit as per review

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MODE-1753 Removed "pardon our dust" from the 3.0 beta days

The top of the file contained out-dated information from when

the 3.0 work had first moved to the master branch. Zapped it.

MODE-1753 Merge two README files into one

Simple-minded merge:

* copy the information from the README_COMMITTERS.txt file and insert

into appropriate place in the file

* remove the README_COMMITTERS.txt file

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MODE-1289 New approach for storing/caching JCR content

This is the first commit to start the 3.0 effort, which involves a major change to how

the JCR layer stores and caches information. The new approach is based upon Infinispan and uses

Infinispan's cache loaders for persistence, and JSON-like documents (that are in-memory

structures not needing to parsed/written) are used to store information for each node.

There are several new Maven modules:

- modeshape-jcr-redux

- modeshape-schematic

The 'modeshape-jcr-redux' module will eventually replace the 'modeshape-jcr' module once

the implementation is far-enough along. And the 'modeshape-schematic' module will likely

move into the Infinispan project, so that needs to remain separate.

Although it may seem strange and unkempt to have the new JCR implementation in a new module,

doing so means that we can continue to rebase from 'master' (and the 2.7 work) for at least

some time. When the new module becomes complete enough, we'll move it and replace the

existing 'modeshape-jcr' module. It's also convenient to have both the old and new implementations

around in the same codebase.

The build was changed to focus upon the (few) modules that are oriented around the new

implementation. So the following can be used to build the newer codebase:

mvn clean install

However, the build has a new Maven profile called "legacy" that can be used to build the

old modules. We kept this to make sure that any rebasing can be compiled and verified.

For example, to build everyhing, including the new modules and the 2.x-style modules,

use the following command:

mvn clean install -Plegacy

As the newer 'modeshape-jcr-redux' progresses and other modules (e.g., sequencers, web,

jboss, text extractors) are converted to use the new module, they should be moved

from the 'legacy' profile into the main set of modules in the top-level 'pom.xml'

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MODE-1197 Removed JBoss Maven repository settings from our POM

Having a "repositories" and "pluginRepositories" sections in our parent POM makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to host the ModeShape artifacts in any other repository, including the Maven central repository.

This change removes those sections from the parent POM and places them in a new "settings.xml" file. This means that developers that don't want to change their "~/.m2/settings.xml" file can simply add the "-s settings.xml" argument to all Maven commands. For details on how to configure Maven, see the wiki page.

The following procedure was used to test these changes:

removed the 'repositories' and 'pluginRepositories' sections from our parent POM;

1. renamed my '~/.m2/settings.xml' file and '~/.m2/repositories' directory so they wouldn't be used;

2. added to the root of our codebase a 'settings.xml' file that specified the JBoss Maven repository in the 'repositories' and 'pluginRepositories' sections; and

3. ran 'mvn -Passembly clean install -s settings.xml' to successfully build all artifacts (except JavaDoc and assemblies), downloading everything Maven needed (i.e., the whole internet)

The build worked fine.

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Corrected the case of the Git repository in the README

Added for the project