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MODE-1368 Removed all legacy modules no longer needed in 3.x

ModeShape 3.x will not need a number of the 2.x modules. In particular:

- since 3.x will only have an AS7 kit, the AS5 or AS6 artifacts were removed

- all the connectors were removed, since they're no longer used

- the connector benchmark tests module was removed, replaced by our new

performance test suite

- the JPA DDL generator utility has been removed

- the 'modeshape-graph', 'modeshape-repository', 'modeshape-search-lucene'

and 'modeshape-clustering' modules have all been removed, since the new

'modeshape-jcr' module no longer uses them

- the DocBook modules were removed and are replaced by the Confluence space

- the two JDBC modules were moved out of the 'utils' directory to top-level modules

The build still works, but not all components have been included in the build.

This is because the query functionality doesn't yet work, so quite a few web

and JDBC driver modules all depend on this.

The assembly profile has not yet been changed or corrected.

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MODE-1009 Changed the ModeShape configuration defined in the JBoss AS kit to reference the same 'modeshape' JAAS application policy already defined in the 'jboss-modeshape-beans.xml' file. Also added comments in each file referencing the other file, to help people know how to change it.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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MODE-813 - moved the roles/users properties files to conf/props for ease of access and changed the authorization policy to point to the new location.

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MODE-813 - changing so that only one pair of and files are needed. They will be in the resources-modeshape-service.jar, which is the central location for the JcrEngine. The applicaiton policy for modeshape will be defined in a new, modeshape-jboss-beans.xml that will be at the root of the deploy directory. This structure is copied from how the profileservice defines its related artifacts.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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