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MODE-2674 Adds the ability to pass custom Hikari configuration options to the relational db provider It configures the "minimumIdle" property to a default of 1, meaning only 1 idle connection should be in the pool at any time. It changes the structure of the WF kit by removing the custom Hikari module (which had just 1 resource) and moving that dependency inside the persistence-relational module. It also updates the Hikari version to 2.6.1.

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MODE-2636 Fixes the missing behavior of parsing the table-name attribute for DB persistence on Wildfly

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MODE-2626 Fixes the custom binary storage integration with the WF kit

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MODE-2077 Adds the ability to use DB locking to the WF kit

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MODE-2599 Updates some Arquillian integration tests to properly clean up test data

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MODE-2600 Adds the "workspaces" index definition attribute to the WF kit

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MODE-2602 Updates the WF kit so that module names for built-in components don't require explicit configuration

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MODE-2550 Adds the ODF sequencer to the WF kit plus a small number of other changes

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MODE-2551 Adds the EPUB sequencer to the WF kit plus a small number of other changes

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MODE-2549 Adds the PDF sequencer to the WF kit plus a number of smaller changes

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MODE-2558 Adds the Audio sequencer to the WF kit and deprecates the Mp3 sequencer

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MODE-2585, MODE-2586 Updates Lucene to 6.0.Final and changes some of the Lucene querying code The following are contained in this commit: a) changing the version to 6.0.Final and making it a private dependency of the lucene-index-provider in WF means we should now be independent of whatever version of Lucene WF/EAP comes with. ModeShape will no longer install Lucene as a first-class dependency in WF. b) with the above change, the ES index provider will use its own separate version (in this case 5.3.1.Final) and from now on can be evolved independently of the lucene-index-provider c) changing the design around the Filter#Results batching mechanism so that index providers can opt for truly lazy index results when SKIP is used. In the case of Lucene this means that the Lucene query is only run once after the first N batches have been skipped. d) changing the logic of the Lucene query making use of BitSets as opposed to loading each document during the collection phase

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MODE-2591 Changes the name of the datasource JNDI attribute for the DB persistence This should now match the other DS JNDI names used by the database binary store and JDBC metadata connector

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MODE-2577 Adds an alias for the ElasticSearch index provider.

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MODE-2569 Adds file-persistence to the Wildfly kit This also changes the way the kit integration tests are run so that the actual WF xml configuration files from the kit are used instead of local test-copies.

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MODE-2563 Ports the ModeShape AS kit to Wildfly 10. The current kit is also backwards-compatible to Wildfly 9, to it will still work with this version as well.

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