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MODE-2528 Integrates the new relational provider with the modeshape codebase This is a huge commit which makes the necessary changes to remove all Infinispan configuration and dependencies, replacing it with the new mechanism. It also contains several changes to the relational provider design because of various failing tests. This includes among other thing the necessity for ModeShape to notify the provider once exclusive locks have been obtained as part of each transaction.

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MODE-2528 Adds SchematicDb implementation which stores data in relational databases.

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MODE-2528 Removes any ISPN specific SPI from the SchematicDB and LocalDocumentStore. Makes some changes to transactions processing, preparing for non ISPN storage.

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MODE-2081 Changed the license for ModeShape code to ASL 2.0.

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MODE-1128 Eliminated the dependency on JCIP and its annotations

Changed the POM and Java source to eliminate the dependency on JCIP annotations. ModeShape

was using only 4 of the annotations (number of corresponding import statements is listed in parentheses):

net.jcip.annotations.GuardedBy (10)

net.jcip.annotations.Immutable (310)

net.jcip.annotations.NotThreadSafe (95)

net.jcip.annotations.ThreadSafe (97)

These were replaced with new annotations in 'org.modeshape.common.annotation' that are semantically

and lexically the same as the JCIP annotations.

The 'net.jcip' dependency was removed from all POMs. This change should be backward compatible.

If user code is explicitly using these annotations within Maven projects, they will have to have explicit

dependencies, and when upgrading to 2.5.0.Beta2 they will not have any issues. Similarly, non-Maven

projects will already have the JCIP JAR on their classpath, and can remove the library if they are not

explicitly using it.

All unit and integration tests continue to pass with these changes.

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MODE-824 Added Reflection.Property framework annotations to the other connectors. All unit and integration tests pass.

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MODE-824 Improved the Reflection.Properties framework to be more flexible about where it looks for annotations (they can be on fields, getters or setters), allowing for Java properties that are not mapped to fields. Also added annotations to the InMemoryRepositorySource and InfinispanSource classes.

All unit and integration tests pass.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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MODE-824 Changed how the representations of the properties are obtained from an object. Now, the Reflection class does all the work, and is able to find the category, label, and description using annotations rather than requiring the class implement an interface. This is much cleaner, and works with any POJO class. Additional unit tests were written to verify the annotations can reference the I18n internationalized messages or a literal value.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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