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MODE-1487 Add support in the Teiid sequencer for VDB dependencies specified in its "vdb.xml" MODE-1700 Teiid Model Sequencer Throws Error When Model Import Has Annotation MODE-1702 Cleanup Corrupted Teiid Sequencer VDB Test Data Removed corrupted zip files from test data. Removed ignored tests that used those corrupted zip files. Added new VDBs to test data and added tests for those new VDBs. The new vdb.xml file XSD included VDB dependendencies and model metadata which uses DDL to define the model. Modified VDB sequencer and model sequencer to include these new VDB manifest features. Also added tests that test these new features. Fixed an error where the href of a model import was not being processed.

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MODE-1378 Fixes from recent changes

Recent changes moved the sequencers to 'modeshape-sequencer' (unclear why this was done),

and several of the POM files in modules that are not yet used were missing version elements

on test dependencies.

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MODE-1378 Added common parent for all sequencers - modeshape-sequencers and updated the build accordingly

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MODE 1338 - Started to port Teiid sequencer (only 10% done, not compilable yet)

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