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[JBTM-3351] clearHeuristics management operation to clear the XAResource participant heuristic flag as well not only the heuristic flag for BasicAction

[JBTM-3352] cleaning lra coordinator api status endpoints

[JBTM-3273] cleanup follow-up based on coverity report

[SCRIPTS ONLY] fixing the command to run WFLY testsuite to not fail on TCK REST client test

JBTM-3346 Journal store file count grows unbounded change poolSize to have default limit. upgrade artemis-journal to pull in ARTEMIS-2837

JBTM-3345 XA_RB* not an error when from end(TMFAIL) TransactionImple logging change to suppress misleading WARN msg.

Revert "Conditional loging "Could not end XA resource"" This reverts commit ed9898b75fe20cb2c176c4078e1d7687f503272f. JBTM-3328 JBTM-3345

JBTM-3341 Failed LRA is not kept in FailedTo* state in the object store

[SCRIPTS ONLY] using the redhat issues and run with XSS crumb

* jira issues are at

* release script to use crumb token to pass jenkins XSS defence

bumping version of apache logging log4 to 2.13.3

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[JBTM-3337] fixing EmptyPropertiesFactoryTest as all the JDK properties have to be preserved

[SCRIPTS ONLY] using github token for PR comments instead of user/password


[JBTM-3337] loaded property should be checked on emptiness

Add constructor which supports named bean lookup.

Signed-off-by: Miloslav Žežulka <>

bumping version of xerces:xercesImpl to 2.12.0

[JBTM-3318] Adjusting LRA annotation 'timeLimit' value with factor

This is a reflection over the LRA annotations to fix timing issues on

AMS CI which is slow and it may happen that the LRA is

timeouted/cancelled before the business method is invoked.

That's a trouble as the TCK tests are written in way to get the business

method invoke and only after that the timeout should be elapsed

sometimes later.

[JBTM-3318] enabling TckRecoveryTests#testCancelWhenParticipantIsUnavailable

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JBTM-3326 Nested participant AfterLRA call in complete scenario should be postponed until the parent LRA completes/compensates

Conditional loging "Could not end XA resource"

JBTM-3327 Update Quarkus to 1.5.0.Final

[JBTM-3324] static analysis coverity fixes

JBTM-3323 LRA server filter is registered twice

[JBTM-3321] use non USER priority for REST-AT inbound bridge JAX-RS filter

CI SCRIPTS: astests clustering needs greater surefire timeout than the default 5400

JBTM-3320 LRA forget calls for nested completed participants are not repeated and do not close the LRA

Updated to 5.10.6.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.10.5.Final

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[JBTM-3319] MicroProfile LRA spec dependency to version 1.0-M1

[JBTM-3318] WORKAROUND ignore the failing test on CI

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[JBTM-3317] adding dependencies on reactive to the shaded jars to build javadoc on JDK11