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JBTM-2947 LRA end calls return the status

JBTM-2944 LRA spec updates

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TEST CHANGE ONLY: Make sure to wait for the process to die

JBTM-2940 Spec updates

JBTM-2941 Support JAX-RS unaware LRA participants

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JBTM-2940 Retry forget

JBTM-2940 Spec compliance

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[JBTM-2880] not using e.printStackTrace on jts XAResourceRecord

[JBTM-2939] assume completed for XAER_NOTA during recovery in JTS

Adding flags of _recovered and _onceAlreadyFinished which defines if the

XAResourceRecods are in recovery phase or was already tried to be

finished (which means again we are in recovery phase)

and in such case the XAER_NOTA does not means a failure

for the participant would be considered as heuristics.

JBTM-2935 @Complete should be optional

JBTM-2934 Parent of nested transaction is not pushed back to headers

JBTM-1488 Increase the amount of heap for the build

JBTM-2934 Optimize nested LRA calls if in the same JVM

(cherry picked from commit 4d7f7def3717b3ec09a4d773dd544ee817e72901)

lra cdi extension checking annotations incorrectly counts LRA method annotations

Updated to 5.7.1.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.7.0.Final

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JBTM-2930 Fixed an issue in the test setup where it now needs to have the lra http port

JBTM-2930 Fixed a number of recovery problems

JBTM-2930 Cleap logs if only one compensator. Observer for RecoveryModule

[JBTM-1488] adding a test for LRA join param is false

JBTM-2930 remove @Status and @Forget annotations

JBTM-2930 Clean log on close/cancel

JBTM-2930 Compensator data and LRA join annotation

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Try to reduce check out size

JBTM-2930 Recovery for LRAs


BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Increase memory size and debug the MAVEN_OPTS passed

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Retain more heap for code coverage testing

[JBTM-2927] transitive handling @Transactional on @Stereotype

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JBTM-1488 fix mvn dependency coordinations to run spec test it