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[SCRIPTS ONLY] using github token for PR comments instead of user/password)

Updated to 5.10.7.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.10.6.Final

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[JBTM-3079] additional test for inbound bridge recovery manager does not rollback an inflight transaction

[JBTM-3355] harmonize the LRA DTO usage to use only LRAData

[SCRIPTS ONLY] .bat script to use github token instead of user/password

[JBTM-3351] clearHeuristics management operation to clear the XAResource participant heuristic flag as well not only the heuristic flag for BasicAction

[JBTM-3352] cleaning lra coordinator api status endpoints

[JBTM-3273] cleanup follow-up based on coverity report

[SCRIPTS ONLY] fixing the command to run WFLY testsuite to not fail on TCK REST client test

JBTM-3346 Journal store file count grows unbounded change poolSize to have default limit. upgrade artemis-journal to pull in ARTEMIS-2837

JBTM-3345 XA_RB* not an error when from end(TMFAIL) TransactionImple logging change to suppress misleading WARN msg.

Revert "Conditional loging "Could not end XA resource"" This reverts commit ed9898b75fe20cb2c176c4078e1d7687f503272f. JBTM-3328 JBTM-3345

JBTM-3341 Failed LRA is not kept in FailedTo* state in the object store

[SCRIPTS ONLY] using the redhat issues and run with XSS crumb

* jira issues are at

* release script to use crumb token to pass jenkins XSS defence

bumping version of apache logging log4 to 2.13.3

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[JBTM-3337] fixing EmptyPropertiesFactoryTest as all the JDK properties have to be preserved

[SCRIPTS ONLY] using github token for PR comments instead of user/password


[JBTM-3337] loaded property should be checked on emptiness

Add constructor which supports named bean lookup.

Signed-off-by: Miloslav Žežulka <>

bumping version of xerces:xercesImpl to 2.12.0

[JBTM-3318] Adjusting LRA annotation 'timeLimit' value with factor

This is a reflection over the LRA annotations to fix timing issues on

AMS CI which is slow and it may happen that the LRA is

timeouted/cancelled before the business method is invoked.

That's a trouble as the TCK tests are written in way to get the business

method invoke and only after that the timeout should be elapsed

sometimes later.

[JBTM-3318] enabling TckRecoveryTests#testCancelWhenParticipantIsUnavailable

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[JBTM-3351](adjustment) clearHeuristics management operation to clear participant heuristic flag

this is an adjustment to 1130cc8e79

It was found that in case of the transaction calls the commit, the XAResource fails with some heuristic failure.

Then the administrator comes and the 'clearHeuristics'. The call will restore back the transaction to "prepared" state

(it will be taken by recovery later) but in the same time the XAResource (one of the participants of the original transaction) will be forgotten.

The `clearHeuristics` should only clear the heuristics and not forcing

the forget to be called.

JBTM-3326 Nested participant AfterLRA call in complete scenario should be postponed until the parent LRA completes/compensates

Conditional loging "Could not end XA resource"

JBTM-3327 Update Quarkus to 1.5.0.Final

[JBTM-3324] static analysis coverity fixes

JBTM-3323 LRA server filter is registered twice

[JBTM-3321] use non USER priority for REST-AT inbound bridge JAX-RS filter