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JWS-1126 Updated to Tomcat 9.0.11

[JBTM-3053] printing to debug the node identifier which is used for xa orphan detection filters

JBTM-3052 Updated JBoss Parent to version 28

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JBTM-3049 arjPropertyManager should update all named config bean instances

[JBTM-3050] fixing the cmr standalone.xml configuration as it does not need iiop

Merge branch 'master' of

added a reminder comment

JBTM-3048 Use TwoPhaseOutcome constants in test classes

[JBTM-3047] adjusting stopping listener for avoid deadlock on client scan request while conainer is about shutdown

JBTM-3046 Upgrade undertow version for the tests

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JBTM-3045: Fixes Standalone JTA 1.2 Quickstart failure

Signed-off-by: Laird Nelson <>

[JBTM-2847] refactoring based on reports from static code analysis


the upstream is now in

JBTM-3040 Don't try to build microprofile-lra

JBTM-3040 replace lra-test with the microprofile-lra TCK

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JBTM-3040 upgrade tck dependency

JBTM-3040 Run the LRA tck in the test-integration phase

JBTM-3044: Decoupled TransactionContext from JNDI

Signed-off-by: Laird Nelson <>

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Changes required from release of 5.9.0.Final

Updated to 5.9.1.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.0.Final

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JBTM-3017 Reset recovery failure flag on first recovery pass

JBTM-3038 Use thorntail checkstyle ruleset

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[JBTM-3034] removing xid from processing when to be committed by AtomicActionRecoveryModule

JBTM-3037 Ensure the LRA context is set correctly in the JAX-RS response filter

Signed-off-by: Michael Musgrove <>

JBTM-3035 Ensure LRA context is propagated across non-LRA aware services

JBTM-3017 Change RecoveryMonitor output text for a synchronous scan Add a test for the successful case.

JBTM-3017 Report periodic recovery problems

[JBTM-3031] enhancing error messages for the XTS registration

this is follow up to the JBTM-2928 as discussed at EAP7-911

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