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BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: narayana-codeCoverage job at narayanaci1 does not exist anymore (is disabled), removing it from the release checks

JBTM-3136 Do not use the default M2 repo for build dependencies

Signed-off-by: Michael Musgrove <>

RELEASE SCRIPTS ONLY: adding few more information to the error messages

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Error check during release

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Fail if tag does not exist

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Removed Jira update

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Allow different platform to do the release

RELEASE SCRIPTS ONLY: narayana-full is under community profile and dockerfiles can be without update

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RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Updated to prompt for docker

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Updated to use the local tagged checkout

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: correct place for jboss-dockerfiles repo for lra-coordinator could be pushed to dockerhub

plus remove to have changes in Dockerfile(s). It tends to be dangerous

to do changes in the Dockerfile setup, especially changing to some

-SNAPSHOT version.

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[JBTM-3011] docker lra image to be pushed during narayana release

[BUILD SCRIPT ONLY] asking on 'jboss-releases-repository' and do not fail build when new mvn module exists

[SCRIPTS ONLY] few amendments in release script

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Automatically trigger the build of the release jobs

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Check right exit code

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Updated to better handle upgrades

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RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Make sure that the commits which are local are not waiting to be pushed

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Check that the required commands are available before commencing release

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Assume single param is for WFLY issue

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Updated to use conventional name for upstream repo

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: updated to clarify the required permissions

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Do not require all the versions to be provided, infer sensible defaults from checkout

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: do not update wildfly snapshot version

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Make sure to resync tags after tagging and also make sure javadoc copied from correct location and provide instructions on where to get builds from for release

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Updated to control maven from the release script

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Make sure to sync tags during release script

Updated to not need to know the version that is on 5_BRANCH during a release

Updated the name of the remote we are using for the WildFly upstream repo in the release script

Updated with latest release identified modifications

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