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fungal update to 0.11.0.Final

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[JBTM-3335] updating jca tomcat dependencies

to have it working with recent ironjacamar and hibernate validator

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[SCRIPTS ONLY] using github token for PR comments instead of user/password


[JBTM-3336] CORBA classes are missing in the ArjunaJTS/standalone quickstart when executed using JDK>=11.

Signed-off-by: Miloslav Žežulka <>

update version of hibernate-validator

[JBTM-3334] XTS quickstart to build correctly against WFLY 20 which requires microprofile dependencies

[JBTM-3322] prolonging sleep time by MFACTOR in the XTS sh script

[JBTM-3333] Update the object_store quickstart.

Narayana is now capable of using Artemis object store

but this has not been showcased in the object store

quickstart yet.

Signed-off-by: Miloslav Žežulka <>

[JBTM-3322] shell scripts consider MFACTOR to adjust timeout/sleep time

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Updated to 5.10.5.Final

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Updated to 5.10.6.Final-SNAPSHOT

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upgrade dependency versions

JBTM-3132: Parent dependencies refactored

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JBTM-3122: Adding JDK9+ profile

Added missing maven dependencies

Marking Surefire plugin args "jdk.attach.allowAttachSelf" as true

[JBTM-3301] updating Tomcat integration code to JWS version and make it running on JDK9+

[JBTM-3269] commit markable quickstart to work on JKD9+ on Windows as well

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    • +3
JBTM-3291 -> LRA quickstart needs to work with the latest Eclipse MicroProfile LRA spec

[JBTM-3290] don't slow down stopping server with removing deployment and show more info on shutdown command output

[JBTM-3282] do not recompile LRA coordinator, use the shipped one during Narayana release

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Make maven thorntail plugin uses the thorntail version defined by thorntain runtime

[JBTM-3277] force curl to use ipv4 with LRA example

[JBTM-3275] when waiting on server timed-out, we need to stop the server

JBTM-3158 -> jta-and-hibernate-standalone Narayana quickstart will not execute properly - EntityExistsException

With release of WildFly 19 and Microprofile integration the quickstarts build needs to use the newer version of bom

[JBTM-3274] Using IPv4 for thorntail LRA quickstarts when IPv6 is not defined

[JBTM-3269] making commit markable resource working on JDK9+

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    • +93
[JBTM-3267] quickstart compilation with -DskipTests runs without necessary env property definition

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    • +82
Fix compilation failure introduced by CVE fix