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Merge pull request #167 from richfaces/release/4.5.17.Final


changing to next development version 4.5.18-SNAPSHOT

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changing version to 4.5.17.Final

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RF-14279: update JSDoc

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RF-14303: Tomcat versions updated

RF-14280: united versions of maven plugins: assembly, clean, compiler, install, resources, source, surefire, war. * surefire plugin updated to 2.19.1 * install plugin updated to 2.5.2 * resources plugin updated to 3.0.0

remove variable from global namespace

RF-14302: fix location handling in mobile showcase

RF-14295: fix visual issues in mobile showcase

RF-14297: fix source resolution in MyFaces

RF-14300: update attribute description

RF-14295: fix visual issues in mobile showcase

RF-14301: remove outdated test

RF-14299: fix rounding errors in zooming

RF-14299: round panel dimensions

RF-14301: invoke ajax events on correct target

RF-14299: fix popupPanel resizing

RF-14297: fix source component resolution

RF-10966: add ajax event handlers to select

RF-14298: fix ajax rowclick in datatables

RF-10966: add status attribute to autocomplete

RF-13537: fix onbegin in autocomplete

showcase: integration-tests: ITestArrangeableModel: remove unnecessary cleaning of filters and added wait for table rows (RF-14293)

photoalbum: integration-tests: encapsulated fields, added waiting to header panel, removed unused methods (RF-14296)

RF-12242: fix dropDownMenu show event handling

RF-12731: fix queue setup

showcase: integration-tests: added missing request guards, cleanup browser cache before test, some tests cleaned up and fixed (RF-14293)

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
build-resources/integration-tests: retry page load extension added (RF-14292)

showcase: remove unsupported layout switching in tests (RF-14291)

RF-12731: fix queue in mobile showcase