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Added some comments to the test for RF-13706, and changed the timing.

Improved the solution for RF-13706 and created a unit test

Fix for the problem that Ajax requests that end up in the queue are posted to the wrong form under certain conditions. The problem has been described here:

Merge pull request #22 from codylerum/master

RF-13636 - add common list impls to resource serialization whitelist

RF-12132: prevent queue from hanging up

swap to base java Collection

add common list impls to resource serialization whitelist

bumping version to 4.3.8-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.7.Final

bumping version to 4.3.7-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.6.Final

RF-13250: postpone Meteor object instantiation

RF-13540: mark processed resources in webspheres incarnation of myfaces #20

Merge pull request #20 from sebcramer/master

performance tuning in reflection usage streamlined exception handling

mark processed resources in webspheres incarnation of myfaces.

changing version back to development: 4.3.6-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.5.Final

RF-13208: Push: make message transport format a valid XML

RF-13455: Reverted the change introduced to the RenderExtendedVisitContext in RF-13107, and instead overrode the various toggle panel item visitTree methods to achieve the desired result.

RF-13215: stabilization of integration tests

* added guava dependency to deployed war

* JavaScriptServiceAjaxTest & RenderAllTest added waiting for page title changing

RF-13310: ignored Push tests temporarily

RF-13310: aligned with API changes after Arquillian extensions upgrade

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RF-13266: Added the primitive Array types to the whitelistClassNameCache

Corrected typo on the error message of the catch clause on stream.close in the loadWhitelist() method.

changing version back to development: 4.3.5-SNAPSHOT

RF-13195: Added javax.faces.view.Location to the file

RF-13142: Changed the ClassNotFoundException rethrow to a LOGGER.debug message in the LookAheadObjectInputStream

changing version to 4.3.4.Final

RF-13098: Added the Weld SerializableClientProxy to the resource serialisation whitelist

RF-13107: reject to visit inactive subtrees with VisitChildrenRejectable interface