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bumping version to 4.3.8-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.7.Final

RF-13506: Fixed the number of bytes in the fileupload showcase sample

bumping version to 4.3.7-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.6.Final

changing version back to development: 4.3.6-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.5.Final

changing version back to development: 4.3.5-SNAPSHOT

RF-13150: Disabled the push JMS sample via the web.xml configuration parameter

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changing version to 4.3.4.Final

RF-12784: Ported the previous readme.txt improvements to the

RF-13097: Added a note indicating which password to use for JBoss AS 7.0.x)

Merge branch 'release/4.3.3.Final'

bumping to next development version: 4.3.4-SNAPSHOT

change version to 4.3.3.Final

BZ#973878: Removed the file from the showcase

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Changed the MediaData class to use the new SerialiazbleResource marker interface

RF-13053 JMS password updated so that push works also on EAP 6.1

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Merge branch 'release/4.3.2.Final'

changing versions back to development: 4.3.3-SNAPSHOT

Bump version to 4.3.3-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.2.Final

RF-12933: Changed the tooltip defaultContent facet to loading

RF-12964: Added push timeouts to the web.xml files

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Changing version back to development: 4.3.2-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.2.CR1

RF-12941: ProgressBar demo improvements

RF-12940: fix path to outputPanel - compositeMessages sample source

shorten interval, add a4j:ajax to make increments

change increment implementation