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JBTIS-1185 - upgrading to 4.5.1.Final integration stack TP

Signed-off-by: Brian Fitzpatrick <bfitzpat@redhat.com>

SWITCHYARD-3021 - updating deprecation message for 1.x

Signed-off-by: Brian Fitzpatrick <bfitzpat@redhat.com>

SWITCHYARD-3024 - updating IS TP

Signed-off-by: Brian Fitzpatrick <bfitzpat@redhat.com>

SWITCHYARD-3023 - updating to 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT in SY master

Signed-off-by: Brian Fitzpatrick <bfitzpat@redhat.com>

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SWITCHYARD-3022 - updating to final TP

Signed-off-by: Brian Fitzpatrick <bfitzpat@redhat.com>

JBTIS-1149 - tweak to ensure fuse server functionality is installed (#680)

JBTIS-1145 - add deprecation note to generated index for update site (#679)

SWITCHYARD-3013 - updating TP to 4.5.0.CR1b (#678)

SWITCHYARD-3015 - adding missing help files (#677)

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SWITCHYARD-3014 - update after camel model refactoring (#676)

* SWITCHYARD-3014 - update after camel model refactoring

* SWITCHYARD-3014 - update to JBTIS TP to bring in latest Fuse build

-- updating JBTIS version

-- fixing out of date test reference for Camel 2.7.3

SWITCHYARD-3012 - cloning the Fuse tooling Help files as a start (#673)

* SWITCHYARD-3012 - cloning the Fuse tooling Help files as a start

* SWITCHYARD-3012 - removing non-SY bits from the help plugin

* SWITCHYARD-3012 - adding help to feature and updating contents

* SWITCHYARD-3012 - a handful of corrections

* SWITCHYARD-3012 - fixing typo

* SWITCHYARD-3012 - removing antrun bits for help plugin

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SWITCHYARD-3013 - updating to 4.5.0.AM1 TP (#674)

SWITCHYARD-2991 - adding deprecation msg for 1.x config versions (#675)

JBTIS-1078a - remove direct fuse tooling reference in favor of JBTIS TP (#672)

SWITCHYARD-3011 - updates to fix guava/google version (#671)

JBTIS-1117 - updating to a more permanent, temporary fuse URL (#670)

JBTIS-1117 - updating fuse url for Oxygen (#669)

JBTIS-1078 - couple of more oxygen updates (#659)

FUSETOOLS-2315 - Remove camel xsd cache

the camel xsd cache is already provided by Fuse Tooling

JBTIS-1078 - updates for Oxygen compatibility (#658)

FUSETOOLS-2268 - updating SY JBTIS version to 4.4.2.Final (#657)

SWITCHYARD-2999 - fixes for domain properties page (#656)

-- addresssed feedback from Lars

SWITCHYARD-2995 - fixing cast error for port in rest binding (#654)

-- also fixing for rest proxy

-- also fixing for http binding & proxy

-- also fixing for soap proxy & binding

-- also doing a little cleanup of easy warnings to eliminate

-- will do some additional code cleanup in a separate JIRA

-- responded to additional feedback from Aurelien

-- addressed a bunch of SonarLint recommendations

SWITCHYARD-2993 - updating to 2.4.0 in master (#653)

-- updated to new Fuse Tooling directory -


  1. … 32 more files in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-2269 - Upgrade Target Platform to 4.4.1.Final

SWITCHYARD-2988 - updating TP (#651)

-- also adjusting org.eclipse.core.runtime version to be more up to date

- hasn't changed in forever

-- also updated the path to the latest BPMN2 modeler for neon

SWITCHYARD-2963 - fixing issue for copynamespaces in older versions (#650)

-- check to see if we're on the 2.1+ version before doing anything with

the copyNamespaces option on soap service bindings to avoid adding it

where it should not be added

SWITCHYARD-2984 - fixed issue with unwrapped checkbox on soap bindings (#649)

-- unwrapped checkbox now is always enabled across all versions

-- copynamespaces checkbox is handled a bit more intelligently to avoid

introducing validation errors in 2.0.x or below.

-- updated code to avoid situation where you could not select both

checkboxes and make the change stick

FUSETOOLS-2237 - Follow API update for custom palette entries

- SwitchYard component is available only for Karaf

FUSETOOLS-2232 - Update year from 2016 to 2017

update only for copyrights in features