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Upgrade hadoop-common to 3.1.1, but also required changing dependencies to get it to build (#1170)

TEIID-5790 correcting the return of auto generated keys

TEIID-5785 core-release only builds specific connectors (#1168)

[TEIID-5788] Upgrade xalan to 2.7.2 (#1166)

TEIIDWEBCN-49 updating and adding the release to maven central

TEIID-5783 fixing the decomp with null dependent grouping expressions

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TEIIDTOOLS-670 fixing tabs

TEIIDTOOLS-670: exposing a method to validate at group/procedure level (#1162)

TEIID-5780 TEIID-5781 adding a want auth mode and deprecating anonymous

TEIID-5729 clarifying the mapping of actions/functions

TEIID-5773 returning the last generated key at a session level as well

[TEIID-5775] Upgrading transitive log4j to 2.9.0 (#1161)

TEIID-5774 cleaning up simple javadoc violations

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TEIID-5481 correcting the eval of a root object (#1160)

[TEIID-5771] Upgrade xerces to 2.12.0 (#1159)

removing test db framework

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TEIID-5772 adding a type mapping for json (#1157)

and ensuring the runtime value will be used for transformation

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:teiid/teiid

TEIID-5772 updating stream/binary odata logic

[TEIID-5570] Upgrading apache poi to 3.17 (#1156)

* [TEIID-5570] Upgrading apache poi to 3.17

* [TEIID-5570] Upgrading apache poi to 3.17

TEIID-5704 adding wildfly support and some fixes

TEIID-5769 adding a string to json conversion

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:teiid/teiid

TEIID-5763 allowing generated_keys without not null

TEIID-5704 initial openapi 3 source support (#1152)

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TEIID-5481 correcting the to string of jsontable

TEIID-5767 fixing import with undefined basePath

TEIID-5766 fix for empty list import

TEIID-5738 upgrading to 17 final

TEIID-5757 adding the odata role by default (#1151)